Retired SCOTUS Justice Admits Thwarting Second Amendment. Yes Chief Justice John Stevens, there are no biased judges, only anti-2nd Amendment assholes.

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matthew s harrison
matthew s harrison

Should not be a lifetime appointment.
Any justice who goes bad on his oath to the constitution should be immediately executed-slowly.
have I missed anything?


It has been proven since FDR that there are liberal and conservative judges. It has also been proven that many of the “judges” feel as if they have the right to be a one person convention and set forth things that are not in the US Constitution. Buzzy and Stephens have both admitted to using other laws from other countries when determining which way they will rule. There is a simple way to deal with matters. If it is NOT in the US Constitution, then there is no damn reason for doing it. There is a provision in the US Constitution that bestows the rights back to the states.

Justice Roberts needs to face the realities of ideolog judges and justices. All he needs to do is look to his left and to his right. He will see it.

Not so silent
Not so silent

Your headline is wrong, should read:
“Retired Scrotum Admits screwing with out rights”