Romney campaign internal polling has him UP one point in Oh and TIED in Pa and Wi. “Romney is also three points up in NH. If the internal polls, which the Obama campaign scoffs at, are correct then Romney will almost certainly become the 45th President of the US.” FYI – Rasmussen’s Oct 31 party affiliation poll shows R/D/I spread 39.1/33.3/27.5, a R+5.8 spread which has never been seen going back to at least 2004. Let’s get out there and make it a wipe-out of the Dirtocrats.

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Missile Command

I don’t believe the polls. Not all these pollsters are in the tank for Obama, so some of these results on the surface seem credible. But their results do not seem to match up with people’s sentiment. Obama and his party minions have been lying so much to the people, and they know it, they have become to a degree cynical. I believe they are lying back to the pollsters about their support for Obama for this reason. If Romney wins big I think this might help explain how polls can be so close and yet the actual result so different.


I want to see the MSM pollster squirm and squeel and walk back their BS. I want to see that happen for the next day so I can feel vindicated for holding my nose and voting for Romney.


I saw a guy on TV this morning that was saying that God invented pollsters to make weather forecasters look accurate.
I don’t believe any polls any more.


If the purpose of the polls we’ve seen was to measure what people were feeling about the election, then I would agree with you about believing the polls. But I think the purpose was to set up the idea that Obama is up in the polls, so when he goes down, the MSM/Dems/Obama will cry foul. The pre-election polls & the exit polls will mean more then the actual polls when trying to explain how & why Romney wins tonight. It will be about fraud, voter supression, & racism that are the reasons. Rather then the outright rejection of the Obama progressive agenda.


I’m taking a break until Wednesday morning.

All this polling… Why? I’m sure we all reach a point where we scream, “Enough prognosticating! Just let it happen now!”

I always like to tune into football games late, so I don’t have to listen to the commentators predict the final score by measuring the combined weight and age of the defensive lines. Just let it happen already! (The Seahawks now have a shorter-than-average QB. God almighty! You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many times they’ve commented on how that affects the score!)

Are any of these polling outfits ever shown their pre-election numbers after the election and asked, “Why were you so damned wrong?”