Rove’s poison working its magic. “Queen for a Day” is already out creating problems for the Republican party. He seems more divisive than Obama is to us.

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Here is hoping his fat ass joins Dick Morris in the unemployment line or better yet on CNN. He can’t stand it that his hand picked people are getting the dog shit kicked out of em. Rove wishes to relive his glory days and we’ve had enough of the RINOs and compassionate conservatism. This country needs to have less government and more personal self reliance.

As for Judd, she is just a pretty stupid face. Her actions, deeds and words will do her in. Listen to her try and give a speech. She makes der leader look like some great orator. That and the fact she sat on the North Carolina side and cheered for them against her so called alma mater UK.


That’s one thing I’ll give the libs – they’ll support their own even when they’re child molestors.
Many of us don’t care for RINOs, but I’ll take a RINO over a lib any day.


So, let me get this right. Rove has a plan to keep conservatives from winning seats.
Did anyone tell him that he is doing what Bob Beckel was paid to do?

KW Willy

Rove is poison to the Republican party, Tea Party candidates and all conservatives in general. That man is just a clown, making every criticism by liberals unassailable. A Buffoon, ya that’s it, that’s the word I want! For years I have wished he would just go away, he makes me so ashamed to be associated with conservatives.

Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart

Um, there’s no trailing R in Rove.

Karl Rover Super Genius.

Jim Stewart Super Typist.


I dunno…I kinda liked the Karl “Rover.” – He just needs a bone tied around his neck.