San Francisco’s public transit system withholds crime surveillance videos to avoid ‘stereotypes.’ So by admitting the release “would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district” they’re basically telling you who did it anyway. Decisions like this is why BART is a screwed up mess.

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More evidence that liberalism is a mental disease. Apparently we must not attempt to protect ourselves if doing so might possibly offend a minority perpetrator. Good grief.


“If were to regularly allow the truth to be spoken, people might know the truth, and we don’t want to admit the truth. Ever.”

Racer X

“If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process.”

1) You aren’t perpetuating a false stereotype if a particular minority is actually committing the crimes. That may be perpetuating a stereo type, but the actual crime no longer makes it “false.”

2) As the victims, who feel endangered and threatened, if they consider these relatively minor crimes.

3) BART’s new promotional slogan: “We protect criminals, not riders! Come for the adventure of a lifetime!”

Joe Redfield

The next step in this process will be the SF Progressive leadership forbidding the police from viewing the surveillance tapes to avoid any appearance of racism.

Not so silent

Just stay away from BART so you won’t become a victim. Politicians trying to hide the fact by letting out all those animals from jail early, the animals are out re-offending. Just like a demotard to cover up the screwup with censorship.