Sarah Silverman sees Nazi swastikas all over the street. THIS is how stupid Hollywood liberals are. Those are surveyor marks, Sarah, relax.

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Technically, not a land surveyor’s mark – it’s an underground utility markout. Orange is telecomm. Surveyors are supposed to use pink, or white, though not all do, and there really is no enforcement. I have never heard of any of my colleagues getting so much as a sternly worded letter for using neon green or orange.

Yes, it’s a law, but a somewhat sensible one. It’s so if a paint mark is faded or worn, a contractor can still recognize what utility line is there.


Seriously? What kind of a person do you have to be to see hate everywhere you look?

Get a life, you moron. Because if you do have a life, then you don’t see hate everywhere you walk and breathe.


That is the left, looking to be offended. The irony here is that we are talking about a comic who thinks she is offended. Go figure.


I wonder if surveyors will be forced to change markings to soothe the Jew in Sarah? If she gets too much heat over this I bet she mounts a campaign to get it changed. You know , she wouldn’t want any other Jew to get slighted like she did.

Silly as it sounds, when I started in aviation, Greenwich mean time was commonly referred to as Zulu. That had to be changed to UTC because at some point Zulu became offensive to someone. Political correctness is alive and well.


I wonder if surveyors will be forced to change markings to soothe the Jew in Sarah?

I doubt there has been a Jew in her in many years.


Only a dip shit will see something that is not there. This one has lived in the make believe world so long she has no idea what a survey mark looks like.


She later said that she is burned in the oven in Twitter.. I can’t believe she said that either. I trolled her on twitter she is a terrible person

Not so silent

Silverman is an absolute dipshit, and now she is seeing shit that ain’t there…Dumbest people on the planet are liberals, and then she gets all butthurt when people call her on her stupidity..Best thing to happen to her would be a fatal car accident.


Best thing to happen to US would be a fatal car crash for her.

Joe Redfield

Another Progressive star proudly displays her ignorance.