Second Amendment Foundation Travel Advisory: Avoid California! The morons in Sacramento and elsewhere do not respect your constitutional rights unless you’re an illegal alien, then all of a sudden the Constitution applies.

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matthew s harrison

I’m in the movie business and i don’t visit California!

Kip Hooker

A person can’t exercise their 2nd Amendment right at a moment when it is necessary to save their lives and progs don’t bat an eye; a gay couple has to drive fifteen minutes out of their way to get a marriage license and everybody loses their minds.


Those who are fleeing the PRK need to leave behind all their liberal positions. Learn to accept the fact that those of us who live in “fly over country” are not that stupid and certainly not that willing to give up or freedoms just because it hurts your damn feelings.

Joe Redfield

At some point we may have to re-open the discussion about the location of the wall…

Not so silent

Not only boycott Kalifornia, there should be a state department advisory against travel here due to the number of libtard passed bills that decriminalize gun crimes for convicts, and then penalize the normal folks, plus the fact you are likely to become a crime victim in Kalifornia and the court system will flip you the bird since criminals have more rights than victims, thanks to Ass Clown Jerry Brown..