Sierra Club, NRDC Sue Feds To Stop Big California Solar Power Project. The same idiots who tell us we must use solar to reduce pollution sue to stop solar installation. The Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife seem to fit the term oxymoron, especially the moron part. The result will no doubt be that the cost of solar power in California will increase. After the cost of this is factored in the ratepayers will no doubt get to bend over, which is fast becoming the official state sport of California.

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When I was younger and still liberal, say when I was in my late teens, I used to think the Sierra Club was a worthy cause and I and my parents gave money to their charities…little did I suspect at that time, that they were infiltrating the state with all of their pernicious progressive horse shit and here we have today a perfect example of their drug induced stupidity: “We must save the snail darter, so turn off the water.” “We must save the air and mother earth, so turn off the oil well spigots, so how come oil prices are spiking?” “We must have green energy, so shut down the oil and coal electric production plants throughout the state; build windmills, geo-thermal plants, and photovoltaic stations across all the land and watch all of this new green energy production go tits up polio because the bird lovers are down with wind mills and the earth lovers are down with the geo-thermal, and all of them are down with the solar power.” What ever is wrong with the f***ing libtards? They’re like little f***ing kids that don’t know what they want but they only know that they don’t want what they already have! Whatever we do, we, as adults, should slap their hands and take from their grasping, greedy fingers all that they have taken from us and place them in some deep dark time-out corner for the rest of their natural lives, for our sakes!

Bonfire of the Absurdities

HAHAHAHAHAHA… Yeah, they’re gonna build a freakin’ BULLET train in California…. the Sierra Club would effing launch a bunch of injunctions against a LIONEL train. Don’t hold your breath waitin’ to sit in the cab with the effing engineer, Joe Biteme! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….


As Churchill once expressed, here’s to hoping the monsters destroy each other.


Not in my back yard. F**heads

Not so silent

These pricks won’t be happy until we live in mud huts and eat poo for dinner. The left is basically suing itself over a turttle, but the bright spot is the new owner of the project rolled over to the unions and brought out the vasaline …Damn these people are amazing, amazingly stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid….