Site Migration. We’re trying to migrate the site to a managed WordPress server. The plan I have now is doubling or more, this one is way less. If there’s a hiccup don’t worry it will get fixed. Hopefully nothing or not much will change. Thanks for your patience (if needed).

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J.P. Travis

“Photo link doesn’t work, even if I change ^^ to tt
Is that the book cover?”

Well that’s weird. The whole reason I replaced the “tt” was because when I didn’t the image showed up in my reply instead of the URL of the image. So why doesn’t the URL work for you?

Here’s what you need:

>a HREF=”” title=”Latest book from Travelyn Publishing” rel=”nofollow”>>img src=”” alt=”TPLatest.jpg” width=”100%” />>/a>

(Except I replaced the three lesser signs with three more greater signs because otherwise the image just shows up again. In other words, it works perfectly fine here where we don’t want it to work.)

And yeah, that’s the book cover.


Okay, now the image is there but it’s not a link. Doesn’t really work do me much good if it’s not a link.


Things are going a lot smoother for me. I had been having trouble posting and even giving thumbs up.