Soros said to make $1 billion since November on Yen bet. He bet against the yen, the same way he made a billion in the early 90s betting against the British pound. Yeah, so he’s profiting from the loss of purchasing power on the part of millions of ninety-nine percenters, but at least he didn’t give anybody’s wife cancer like Mitt Romney. Hey, he’s a liberal, they get a pass.

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That’s OK, I’m betting Warren Buffet made more than that by running his train full of bio-diesel back and forth across the Canadian border, without unloading a drop of the cargo!
Even better, Obama’s other buddies, the ones at Facebook, made much more than that last year, paid no taxes, and are getting a $429 MILLION TAX REFUND!!!


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Joe Redfield

How much of that $1 billion will wind up in the Treasury in the form of taxes paid? I’ll take the under on ten cents.

Not so silent

This guy can become worm food soon enough….


He already looks like it.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

May George Soros die from having his head fall through his asshole, thus breaking his neck.