SPLC Pulls Three Russia-Related Articles After Challenges To Accuracy. Yeah. Let’s make up BS for the liberal lemmings. Gotta keep the country stirred up yanno. The Southern Poverty Law Center is helping police YouTube. No free speech there.

The left-wing nonprofit apologized on Wednesday for a March 9 article that linked left-wing writers and activists to Russians and white nationalists.

In the March 9 article, for example, the SPLC suggested that Blumenthal became a Kremlin mouthpiece as a result of attending a gala for RT, a state-owned Russian media network.


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Not so silent

The SPLC needs to be declared a terrorist organization and Morris Dee’s needs to be Comey’s cellmate…What a piece of shit scam artist.

Joe Redfield

How come the SPLC didn’t know that Lefties have an exemption from criticism?