In rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state. We doubt this will ever happen but perhaps it will serve the purpose of motivating conservatives to get out and vote out the Democrats.

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Hmmm, interesting. Those are the areas of California that I tend to visit and stay. We generally stay in either San Fran or Sac, only long enough to deplane, get our bags off the carousel, pee and get the rental car. Then it’s off to the nice places.


Anywhere around the Mt. Shasta area and east from there. I remember the first time I drove over the mountains from Shasta to Susanville for some leave time I wondered what those big orange stakes were along the road. Then I made a trip in the winter and those tall stakes were about 2 ft. tall! I was driving on about 6 feet of snow, the pavement was buried! Lol..I had to chain up to get out of Reno and once I got out of Susanville I got behind a snowplow and stayed right there. Didn’t see clear pavement again until I got to I-5. Beautiful country, great people. I wonder if they could split off and become North California? We have a North and South Dakota, why not a North and South California? Be funny as hell to see which one prospered!

Not so silent

Ass Clown Jerry Brown will send in libturds with protest signs, paid for by Soros, and free Tide pods if you change your vote.