Starbucks barista has meltdown over Unicorn Frappuccino. Seriously, we wonder how this special snowflake would deal with having a real job?

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CLASSIC! Poor little Snowflake can’t handle working in the real world. It’s NOT going to get easier you spoiled little PRICK!


AWWWW, poor little baby got sticky working!
I guess that his future in gay porn is now being reconsidered.


It sounds like bitch should not be working at Starbucks then… maybe his ass will get replaced by a refugee…


Starbucks sells high-sugary stuff to the badly-groomed spawn of the uppity, extended-pinky intellectual morons who believe their precious one-copy replications will someday rule the universe. I’m glad the servants are having trouble assembling the very products created for this special client-base who demand such socially-enlightened beverages. Hopefully, the Starbucks HR department and its social-responsibility team explain the importance of pleasing the masses which generate the ROI they’re supposed to get from their investment in socially-conscious part-timers and marketable gimmicks. (I hardly ever set foot in one of these places, but that’s besides the point… )

Joe Redfield

Shame on Starbucks for not providing employees with an on-the-job safe space for those employees who are stressed out about having to perform actual labor in order to receive a paycheck.

Not so silent

Just have this twit write how he feels on the cup to help spread his feelings…. A unicorn drink? WTF is next, Black Lives matter mocha? A liberal frappuccino? Maybe a Maxipad Waters chocolate moose?