Steve Bannon Leaves White House Staff. We’ve seen Tweets saying he’ll return to Breitbart. We assume Breitbart will not be kind to Trump in the future if this is true.

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This may not be as bad as it sounds if he does work for Trump from the outside. Time will tell.


The left over from the Fakir are like Gangrene on the leg, the sooner you amputate, the less you will lose. Leaving it in place will be a fatal lack of judgement. It will cost something regardless, the sooner action is taken the better.


He said his time at the White House would be short 6 months to a year. Also he shot himself in the foot with that interview. Also he has been accused of leaking and he never seemed to prove he wasn’t. He has nothing to be mad about.

Not so silent

And yet the Muslim buddy McMaster remains? I fail to understand why Trump hasn’t had a massacre of Obama people. Fire them en mass. Instead they are like an infection.