Stimulus money over easy: $141,002 to send Montana students to study Chinese dinosaur eggs

by editor on December 15, 2010

The Washington Examiner called this the Outrage of the Day. We can’t disagree.


"These are dinosaur eggs, class. They look like rocks. Now let's go explore Chinese culture."

WHO: The National Science Foundation
WHAT: Gave a $141,002 federal stimulus grant to Montana State University to fund a six-week, student trip to Hangzhou, China, to study dinosaur eggs and other fossils.
WHY IT’S AN OUTRAGE: The students found ample time to experience Chinese culture and explore on taxpayers’ money, but the dinosaur eggs did not hatch any new jobs

We would assume that the phrase “experience Chinese culture” includes a little Schezwan Pork, pot stickers and combo fried rice washed down with a couple bottles of Tsingtao beer. Maybe more than a couple. After all, a day studying Chinese dinosaur eggs is exhausting.

Source: Washington Examiner

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Wait… how does people get into these rackets? I mean really where does one have to go or what does one have to do to get into these scams? Can I presume that a lot of these scams originate with families and friends (and heavy supporters) of certain politicians? Because I live my life and there ain’t no one telling me I can have money to do whatever…


The scam artist ARE the politicians! so much for the “pledge to America” the crooks aren’t even in office yet and the earmarks are at 2000+


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Kinda like the Global Warmers meeting in Cancun.


Can you buy a $5 BJ in China like you can in Cancun?

It may be more like $15 now….I haven’t been there for 10 years.


[facepalm] Only you, YT, only you.