Student: I Was Hospitalized for Calling My Prof a Bitch. Yet more insanity from educators. Looks like they’ve hit a new low.

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In recent times, the 80s in particular, there was a situation in which orthodox, faithful to Rome Catholic priests with sympathy for the Republican Party would be committed against their will for “rigidity” by liberal bishops. It is said that some of these holy priests would just try to unite their suffering with Jesus being unjustly arrested Holy Thursday night. If you stand up for what’s right, this could happen to you. It almost happened to Jesus before Holy Thursday. “When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him, for they said, ‘He is out of his mind (Mark 3:20).'”

Schools are now looking to get ahold of people before they act out, but inevitably innocent people are going to suffer and be unjustly stigmatized.


Now universities have gone from education to re-education. Here is wishing he bankrupts Columbia University, the dean, the instructor, the doctors, St Luke Hospital and the NYPD. There is a list of complaints that can be included in his lawsuit from violating his civil rights to false arrest. We all know the feds wont go any where near this one, will they.


He got an education alright.
NEVER tell the truth in a liberal college. Otherwise, you will be called crazy, locked up (against your will) and force fed drugs.


HMMM, how long before the Obama reeducation camps are activated?


Once again he is playing second fiddle. The reeducation camps started in the 1960’s, one of the lasting legacies of LBJ and his social engineering polices. Just because they are called “public schools” doesn’t hide the fact.

Jim Stewart

Imagine how long he would have been held if called the prof a Republican.

Not so silent

He would still be in the “hospital”……Funny not enough space to put in all the crazy libtards who commit mass shootings, but call someone a name and poof, a 30 day vacation. I hope the student wins.


Fortunately he ended up at Ohio State, where he will fit right in.


Michigan? Meh.

Big Al

Straight from the commie playbook.

Elrond Hubbard

Exactly, in communist and other totalitarian regimes dissent is treated as a mental illness; the “patient” is confined, mistreated, harrassed and dosed with strong pyschotropic drugs.


He should have transferred to Virginia Tech of Colorado University. Those schools had bona fide paranoid schizophrenics who they let just “let go” and both killed shortly thereafter. And for the record so did Pima Community College with Jared Loughner. Thank heaven we have Obamacare now!!