Michelle Obama

Michelle Antoinette appeared on the Tom Joyner morning radio show to promote her “Let’s Move” program. She tells Tom about what she calls a cute little trick. We call it teaching your kids to lie and to manipulate others to get what they want.

Here’s Michelle blathering on and on and on:


The PSAs (public service announcements) we launched this week provide some really cute tips for parents and they’re going to start airing on the media, 33,000 media outlets over the next few weeks and they’re going to continue for several months. They give parents some cute tips. In one ad the mom makes the kid go up and down the stairs several times looking for her purse when she knows where it is – just making her go up and down and up and down the stairs a few times before she gets the dollar she’s looking for. So we have to be creative as parents particularly in the African American communities where, you know, we don’t have sports leagues, we don’t have…it’s not safe to play outside sometimes because our neighborhoods, you know, we don’t have the kind of safety net that we need. So we have to start sharing with each other some tips because there are communities all over the country that are running into these issues. We, as parents, have to get creative.

Don’t look now, Michelle, but your commercial shows a white mom and white kid in what appears to be an upper middle class home in what we assume is an upper middle class neighborhood. In your defense, however, it does show the white upper middle class mom getting just as much enjoyment out of deceiving her child as any black mom could ever get.

We picture the following scene in the White House:

Barack: “Hey, Michelle, could you run to the Lincoln Bedroom and see if I left my wallet up there.”
Michelle: (Panting) “It’s not up here, Barry.”
Barack: “How ‘bout you run over to the Oval Office and see if I left it there.”
Michelle: (Panting even harder) I don’t see it here, either.
Barack: “Never mind. I just found it in my back pocket.”
Michelle: (Gasping for air) “Hey, you tryin’ to say my ass is fat?”
Barack: “Just sayin’…”

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Yup. That’s what she said. Moderation. Because, you know, everyone eats in moderation at Super Bowl parties. We’re pretty sure she sat Jay-Lo and her Hobbit husband down before the game and told them to ignore the cheeseburgers and deep dish pizza and have a salad instead.


Barack Obama showing moderation

Michelle’s hometown Chicago Sun-Times reports:

First Lady Michelle Obama, discussing healthy eating the day before the first anniversary of her “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign, defended the White House Super Bowl menu which included bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers
 and deep dish pizza.

The point is balance, not deprivation, Mrs. Obama said at Tuesday lunch with reporters who cover her East Wing. “I like to talk about my obsession with French fries because I don’t want people to think that “Let’s Move” is about complete, utter deprivation. It is about moderation and real life changes and ideas that really work for families, today’s families too.”

During the year of her “Let’s Move” healthy eating and exercise drive, Mrs. Obama has never said people should quit junk food–just don’t eat it all the time.
“I think I’ve always been very consistent on that front because that’s how I live my life. “I mean, It’s about balance. It’s always about balance. I felt As a mother if somebody came and said ‘you can never have a hot dog’ or serve your child a slice of pizza, we’d never get a handle on this issue cause I think that’s sometimes how people feel, that’s it’s all or nothing.

C’mon, Michelle, Super Bowl Sunday is about eating yourself sick, stuffing your gut with junk until you wish you’d worn sweatpants with an elastic waistband because your belly’s so full. What it’s not about is moderation and balance.

But if you’re truly concerned about moderation, Michelle, perhaps she could do us all a favor and ask your husband to moderate his attempt to socialize the economy of the United States.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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After President Obama finished his softball interview with Bill O’Reilly yesterday, he went back to doing what he does every other day of the year: The opposite of what he tells ordinary Americans to do.

On Super Bowl Sunday, that means eating all the fatty, sugary, delicious foods he and his wife tell us not to eat.

obama eating

President Obama had a big ol' hypocrite sandwich on Super Bowl Sunday

The Daily Caller reports the White House Super Bowl menu:

President Obama and his guests will be eating bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish (i.e. Chicago style) pizza, German potato salad, twice-baked potatoes, and assorted snacks. Despite the cold Washington weather, ice cream will also be served.

In an attempt at bipartisanship, both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania beers will be available, according to The New York Times.

Somewhat ironically, the news comes just one week after the federal government issued new nutrition guidelines urging Americans to cut back on fatty foods such as pizza, sausage, cheeseburgers…well, just about everything the president is eating this evening.

And we’re pretty sure that while the President and his wife were eating pizza and cheeseburgers and twice-baked potatoes and ice cream, they forced Malia and Sasha to eat salads in an effort to go along with the First Lady’s dictates on children’s diets.

Yeah, right.

Source: Daily Caller

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Michelle Obama showed up on Good Morning America (Shouldn’t there be a comma in there? The movie Good Morning, Vietnam had a comma. Why doesn’t Good Morning America have one?) to talk about childhood obesity. Again.

At the 5:00 mark in this video Robin Roberts asks the First Lady the money question: “How do you respond to those who say, ‘I’m a parent. I know what’s right for my child. I don’t want the government doing it.'”

Michelle Obama’s answer will make you want to reach into the television and slap her up the side of the head. She’s just as full of equine excrement as her husband.

“This movement has never been about the government telling people what to
do, but what it is about is giving parents information.”

Are you freakin’ kidding? EVERYTHING these people do is about the government
telling people what to do. Everything. She would have said the same thing about

Check the look of disbelief on Robin Roberts face. Even another liberal black woman isn’t buying this horse hooey.

H/T: That loser blog IOwnTheWorld.com

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The people at the White House have not yet heard the news that there’s a bit of a recession going. As a result, the Obamas continue to live lifestyles reminiscent of the czars. The only thing missing is a nice little collection of Fabergé eggs.

Take, for example, the way the White House was decorated for Christmas. A couple weeks ago we had the story of hundreds of employees taking more than four days to decorate the White House Christmas tree. Silly us. We assumed that “the White House Christmas tree” meant there was one White House Christmas tree. But no. The White House has a friggin’ forest of Christmas trees. It’s just this side of an environmental disaster. And that’s just the beginning of the Obama’s ostentatious display of conspicuous consumption.

Here’s how Time Magazine describes it:

Inside Obama’s White House: a replica White House (made of gingerbread), a marzipan version of dog Bo and more Christmas trees than you can count.

The president’s Washington home has been elaborately outfitted for the holidays, with this year’s theme being “Simple Gifts.” Some of the decor is absolutely tiny. Inside the 350-pound, white chocolate-covered gingerbread replica White House is a miniature reproduction of the East Room (containing chocolate furniture), and there’s even a mini White House garden (also made of marzipan).

But dog Bo is the true star of this year’s Christmas decorations. Besides the marzipan Bo, there is another Bo replica made of 40,000 twisted black and white pipe cleaners.

Even though the theme is “Simple Gifts,” much of the decoration throughout the White House is anything but simple, including the numerous Christmas trees throughout as well as large stone urns filled with birch, beech and crystal branches.

The theme is “Simple Gifts” and yet they have a friggin’ forest of Christmas trees and a 350-pound white chocolate-covered gingerbread replica of the White House complete with a marzipan version of the President’s dog? Call us crazy, but that seems to be just about as far away from the concept of a simple gift as is possible.

Don’t look now, but the Obamas aren’t even in Washington, DC to enjoy this excess of excess. Why, in the middle of the Obama recession, are we pissing away this kind of money to decorate their home when they’re halfway around the world in freakin’ Hawaii for Christmas?


Unbelievable. It's the 350-pound, white chocolate White House, complete with a marzipan version of Bo, the President's dog


The White House China Room: Another Christmas tree in, as Time gushes, a room decorated with china from the Clinton and Bush eras.


Here's the view from the Grand Foyer That's the "official" White House Christmas tree back there in the Blue Room and you'll be happy to know that those large stone urns are filled with birch, beech and crystal branches.

Photos by Brooks Kraft/Corbis for Time

Source: Time

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Got an extra $275 lying around the house? Then here’s the perfect gift for the Michelle Obama lover in your life – a First Lady figurine.

michelle obama figurine

It really is realistic. If you look closely you can see Barack Obama's balls gripped tightly in Michelle's left hand

Here’s how CollectorsHub.com describes this must-have item:

The Michelle Obama First Lady Edition figurine, hand-signed by Thomas Blackshear is a pre-paid item. Your credit card will be charged today.

• Personally hand-signed by Thomas Blackshear

• Limited to 3000 world-wide

• Includes 2010 dated commemorative plaque to exhibit with the President and Michelle Obama figurines

• Includes brass plaque with First Lady Michelle Obama name and engraved Blackshear signature

Thomas Blackshear portrays First Lady Michelle Obama with the beauty and confidence she naturally possesses. The perfect companion to display with the President Obama figurine, this true likeness captures Michelle’s graceful poise and strong demeanor.

That President Obama figurine is now available on eBay for as little as $191. Much like the President himself, the figurine’s value is going down as time goes on.

Source: CollectorsHub.com

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In an effort to relate to the little people who are out of work, Michelle Obama wore a second-hand dress to a Washington Christmas party. What’s that? The second-hand dress cost her 2500 smackers? Holy crap!

michelle obama second hand dress

Some of the nouveau riche don't really care about the nouveau poor

The New York Post has details of the horrifying haute couture:

Michelle Obama is once again setting the style world abuzz — wearing a thrift-store dress to the “Christmas in Washington” concert, which was taped Sunday and airs on TNT tonight.

The “couture” black-lace overlay frock, featuring a high, square neckline and a full skirt was plucked from New York Vintage in Chelsea.

The secondhand 1950s piece — believed to be the first vintage dress worn by a first lady to a public event — was made by American designer Norman Norelli, who died in 1972 and was among the most influential designers of his time.

The store’s owners would not say how much the first lady paid for the dress, but prices for vintage clothing have risen dramatically as quality pieces have become wildly popular among celebrities and on the red carpet. One estimate for this hand-me-down was $2,500.

$2500 for a second-hand dress. That’s nearly eight times that average annual income in Kenya, a country chosen entirely at random for comparison purposes only.

Michelle Antoinette really is the perfect nickname for this woman, isn’t it?

Source: New York Post

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Ho, boy. Doesn’t this one just sum up everything this band of statists believe in.

President Obama signed the First Lady’s child nutrition bill into law on Monday morning and Michelle Obama took to the microphone to say a few words about childhood obesity and, of course, the state of the socialist state.

“When our kids spend so much of their time each day in school, and when many children get up to half their daily calories from school meals, it’s clear that we as a nation have a responsibility to meet as well. We can’t just leave it up to the parents. I think that parents have a right to expect that their efforts at home won’t be undone each day in the school cafeteria or in the vending machine in the hallway. I think that our parents have a right to expect that their kids will be served fresh, healthy food that meets high nutritional standards.”

They’re putting salad bars in the schools. They’re restricting vending machines on campus. And they’re controlling what can be sold at school bake sales.

Johnny can’t read, but he’s a svelte little son of a bitch, isn’t he.

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In ObamaWorld, the skies open and Lord Obama descends from the heavens to spread joy and enlightenment to the masses.

Michelle Obama speaks, an enthralled nation listens:

“If I had to pick the man I’d want to be in politics – the kind of person that we seek out in this country – somebody who’s honest and sincere and smart as a whip – he would be the person I would pick, and that has always been why I followed him into these escapades because I would feel guilty to think that because of me somebody like him didn’t do what this country needed. And I still feel that way. And I’ll feel that way until the job is done.”

Hey, wait just a darn second. Did she say escapades? If we’re not mistaken, Michelle just admitted that Obama’s policies have been illegal.

Princeton.edu’s online dictionary defines an escapade as an “adventure: a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful).”

But let’s not take the word of just one dictionary. Let’s double check this. Wikitionary.com calls it “a daring or adventurous act; an undertaking which goes against convention.”

And just to make sure, let’s triple check. Merriam-Webster.com says it is “a usually adventurous action that runs counter to approved or conventional conduct.”

We’re not surprised she believes it, just surprised she admits it.

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In what’s become a bizarre and insulting tradition, Michelle Obama once again chose a very odd place to flaunt her wealth on Thanksgiving: a Washington, DC-area food bank.

Last April she she appeared at the same food bank wearing Lanvin sneakers that cost more than the average annual income in Kenya. This year she wore a $495 Prova scarf.

The Washington Examiner has the fashion highlights from down at the food bank:

For this occasion of serving the community, Michelle opted to wear an ivory knit vest layered atop another long sleeve, ivory knit sweater. This is a rather interesting choice of apparel. If she wanted to layer, you would think she would have chosen two separate colors, right? However, the monochromatic look is indeed in this season. Perhaps, the first lady was trying to be on the cutting edge of fashion, as she so often is. She paired these sweaters with a silk, lavender colored Prova scarf (similar to the one she wore at an Indonesian mosque recently). The scarf was highlighted layered fringes of gunmetal beads and white pom poms.

We don’t know Prova from Pravda, but it turns out there might not be that much difference between the two – the line also includes a line of “Sandinista” scarves.

We’re honestly surprised that Michelle Antoinette didn’t wear one of those in support of the murderous, socialist Nicaraguan regime.

UPDATE: Turns out Michelle does own one of Prova’s Sandinista scarves. You can see it covering her head during her visit to the Indonesian mosque last month. Figures.


Source: Washington Examiner

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Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Ding Dongs are out. Arugula and balsamic vinaigrette are in.


Fat kid posing awkwardly with food he'll never eat in front of Michelle Obama's salad bar

Tonic.com has the details of the White House’s latest meddling in your life:

Michelle Obama paid a friendly visit to Riverside Elementary School in Little Havana, Fla. today. While there, she announced a plan to bring 6,000 salad bars into public schools across the country through the campaign “Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools.” Riverside is the first school to enjoy an open bar — salad bar that is.

The First Lady met with students this afternoon and complimented them on the garden from which they’ve been harvesting tomatoes, eggplant and kale. She explained that it’s important to eat vegetables because they improve brain function and learning.

It’s certainly not easy to make kids think veggies are cool, but if anyone can, Mrs. O has a good shot.

Absolutely. Because Mrs. O is the coolest person in the world other than her husband and kids in Little Havana can’t wait to obey her every word.

“There are studies that show that kids who are eating their fruits and vegetables on a regular basis actually do better in school,” she told students. “Did you all know that? So that’s one of the reasons why all of this is important and why we need to make vegetables interesting to you guys … We have here this beautiful salad bar, because what we’ve also found is that if you take vegetables and you organize them in a pretty, delicious way, kids like you may actually eat them more — because it looks kind of cool, doesn’t it?,” she said, according to the White House.

Seriously? Have you seen the size of the First Lady’s ass? A few more salads couldn’t hurt that situation. And we’re pretty confident that the only thing bigger than the woman’s ass is her ego.

Don’t look now, Michelle, but if you organized some Ding Dongs and Cheetos in a pretty, delicious way right next to those vegetables, there’d still be a big pile of vegetables left at the end of the day.

We’ve told this story before, but it’s worth repeating. Mrs Editor teaches at a public school. Every day the cafeteria ladies load up the kids’ plates with free, healthy food. The kids immediately walk over to the trash cans and dump it. Before the lunch period is over, the cans are overflowing with that free, healthy food.

But, of course, Mrs Editor’s school doesn’t have a fancy, government-supplied salad bar.

Surely, that’ll make the kids want arugula.

Source: Tonic.com

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Just in case you were worried that you couldn’t get through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend without a little Barack Obama, your prayers have been answered.


Nooooooooo! They're coming into your living room again!

ABC News has the story:

President and Mrs. Obama will sit together for a Thanksgiving visit in a joint one-hour special with Barbara Walters airing on Friday, Nov. 26th, the day after the holiday, at 10 p.m. ET.

In addition to focusing on some of the major challenges facing the President today, part of the conversation will be a discussion of how the whole family reacted to the President’s political reversal. This interview will be Mrs. Obama’s first since the mid-term elections.

The special marks the second time the President and First Lady have sat for a joint interview with Ms. Walters; the first was November of 2008, immediately following the presidential election. The interview will be conducted in the White House on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Our heartiest congratulations to President Obama. It looks like he’s finally found a way to stimulate the economy. If seeing him being interviewed on TV yet again isn’t enough to drive people out of the house and into the stores on Black Friday, nothing will.

Seriously, Barbara, what could you possibly ask this guy that hasn’t been asked and answered in a thousand other TV interviews?

We’d suggest you go with the “If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be?” question.

Source: ABC News

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The people at Vogue are still drinking the Kool-Aid. In fact, they’re swilling it. Need proof? How about the fact that they just named Michelle Obama to their Best Dressed of 2010 list.

They introduced the list with this gag-inducing, overwritten, under thought out prose:

Whether it’s sleek chic or cyberfantasy, silver-screen Hollywood glamour or Holly Woodlawn camp, whether it’s East End edge or East Egg flapper dazzle, from head (artful marcel waves, tumbled-out-of-bed tousle, or candy-floss high-rise) to toe (ballet slippers with dirndls or platforms with ball gowns), the ten individualists whom Vogue celebrates as the Best Dressed of 2010 are gamely rewriting the rules. Or rather, showing us all that there are no rules beyond staying true to oneself.

Let’s get serious, Vogue.

We were expecting another story like this to come along sooner or later, so we’ve been collecting recent photos that more accurately reflect Michelle Obama’s sense of fashion when she’s truly “staying true to herself.”


Jackie Kennedy she ain’t. In the above photo, Michelle stays true to herself by digging for gold in front of the Indonesian Prime Minister.


[See the rest of the photos…]

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The Obamas are in complete sync economically. That is, they both spend until the bank is empty. And then they spend a little more.


Spend, Michelle, spend. You still have checks in your checkbook.

The Times of India has the story of Michelle’s profligate New Delhi spending spree:

While her husband talked trade, Michelle Obama did what most women love to do — shop. The First Lady, who has quite a reputation as a fashionista and is known to send stock prices of clothing companies zooming when she slips into one of their dresses, ran up a bill of thousands on an assortment of Indian handicrafts and textiles.

While visiting the 25 stalls at the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum in Pragati Maidan, she even stopped to woefully exclaim, ”I wish I had brought more money!”

The purchases didn’t stop till the purse was empty. In the visit that lasted over two hours, she delighted craftsmen with loads of Christmas shopping.

No money? No problem? My name is Obama and I’m here to spend.

Source: Times of India

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Michelle Obama was on the stump … ugh. Don’t know about you, but that gives us a disturbing mental image.


Vote early, vote often, vote Democrat

Let’s just go straight to Politico:

“We don’t have much time,” Michelle Obama declared to voters on Monday, urging them to get out the vote as her husband stayed at the White House and worked the phones the day before the midterms.
Rallying Democrats for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Las Vegas, Obama told the crowd to round up people who voted in 2008 but “who are planning to sit this one out.”

“You need to tell them that they can’t just vote once and hope for change to happen,” she said. “They’ve got to vote every single time.”

“Tell them that they can’t just vote once.” Spoken like a true Chicago Democrat.

Source: Politico

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Remember when Michelle Obama was supposed to be the Democrats’ secret weapon? Oh, yeah, they were going to send her out on the campaign trail and unleash her remarkable powers of persuasion on the American people.


Yeah, Michelle Obama's a rock star like Neil Sedaka's a rock star

Looks like it’s not working out that way.

The Independent UK has the “L-shaped fingers to the forehead” details:

The crowd went wild when Michelle Obama swept into a high-school gymnasium in Las Vegas yesterday morning, with little Harry Reid trailing in her wake and a local Mariachi band, in full dress uniform, entertaining the crowd. But behind the flag waving and anthem-singing, and the sunny optimism of a typical American election rally, there was a palpable sense of unease.

Two years ago, at the height of Obamania, the First Lady was a sort of rock-star; with a following wind, she could fill an outdoor stadium. Today, her stock has fallen. A few hundred people did turn out to hear her speech, but there were swathes of seats left empty at the back, and plenty of standing room around the stage.

Michelle speaks to empty seats. Biden speaks to 200. And even the Chicago Savior himself speaks to an arena with 5000 empty seats.

Would someone get us a box of Kleenex? We’re wiping away tears of joy.

H/T: WeaselZippers.us

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We love the way completely unrelated news items sometimes juxtapose to show the complete absurdity of Washington, DC.


Michelle's big ass sweet potato: The only White House-approve usage of the words "Michelle" and "big ass" in the same sentence

On Wednesday afternoon, Michelle Obama and a group of unpaid child laborers harvested crops from the White House plantation. Michelle proudly posed with a big ass sweet potato (insert your own punch line here).

On Wednesday morning, just hours before the White House harvest, the government came out against potatoes.

The Associated Press has its eyes on the potato story:

“… the Institute of Medicine, the health arm of the National Academy of Sciences, recommended that the U.S. Department of Agriculture stop participants of the federal Women, Infants and Children program, known as WIC, from buying potatoes with federal dollars. The institute also called for the USDA-backed school lunch program to limit use of potatoes.

Under an interim rule, the USDA agreed to bar WIC participants from buying potatoes with their federal dollars. Potatoes are the only vegetable not allowed. Next year, the agency will roll out a final rule on the WIC program, which last year served 9.3 million children and pregnant and breast-feeding women considered at risk for malnutrition.

Michelle is in favor of sweet potatoes, but opposed to white potatoes.

Let’s all say it together:


Source: Associated Press

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After seeing her popularity take a nosedive this summer, First Lady Michelle Obama has returned to the center stage with a foolproof plan to win it all back.

That plan? Telling you what you can do with your life, your body and how to raise your children.

barack obama hamburger

"Please don't tell Michelle you caught me eating food that tastes good. Please."

As reported by The Washington Post:

First Lady Michelle Obama is prodding the nation’s restaurants to add more healthy options to menus, label those items more prominently and market nutritious foods to kids.

Speaking to the National Restaurant Association on Monday, Mrs. Obama pleaded with restaurants small and large to take a little butter or cream out of their dishes, use low fat milk and provide apple slices or carrots as a default side dish on the kids’ menu.

Mrs. Obama said that Americans are spending half their food dollars outside the home and eating a third of meals in restaurants. She asked the restaurants to rethink the food they offer and reformulate their menus to help combat childhood obesity.

Mrs Obama just doesn’t get it. There’s a reason menus are the way they are. Restaurants either cater to the tastes of those paying the bills or they go out of business.

This is a concept her husband’s administration may want to consider. Soon.

But as far as Michelle is concerned, we think it may be time for her to take another vacation. $75,000 a day in taxpayer money is a bargain if it keeps her out of our lives.

Source: Washington Post, Politico

– Written by Vitamin Press

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You know, a life of non-stop photo shoots, fashion shows, partying and $75,000 a day vacations takes a toll on a woman. Just ask poor Michelle Obama.

The Daily Mail UK has the details of the First Lady’s life in hell:

michelle obama bruni hell

This photo says it all: One grimaces, the other smiles

Michelle Obama thinks being America’s First Lady is ‘hell,’ Carla Bruni reveals today in a wildly indiscreet new book.

Miss Bruni reveals that Mrs Obama replied when asked about her position as the U.S. president’s wife: ‘Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’

Details of the private conversation, which took place at the White House during an official visit by Nicolas Sarkozy last March, emerged in Carla And The Ambitious, a book written in collaboration with Miss Bruni.

We feel your pain, Michelle. So we promise to do everything we can to get you out of that job as soon as possible. And a lot of other Americans are going to join us in that effort.

Source: Mail on Sunday UK

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michelle obama spain

Michelle Obama gave the death glare to aides who suggested she shouldn't go to Spain

Nice to see that Barack Obama isn’t the only tone deaf member of the First Family.

The New York Times reports First Lady Michelle Obama’s aides cautioned against her going on the early August European vacation in which she stayed at a 5-star resort in Spain and mingled with royalty. The lavish trip, the aides reportedly argued, could result in harm to her image. “Aides say privately that they warned her there would be a cost to the trip, but she overruled them, insisting it was a rare chance to spend time with Sasha and with a friend whose father had died,” the paper reports. “But the intensity of the uproar — including accusations that she was a ‘modern-day Marie Antoinette’ — caught the White House and Mrs. Obama off guard.”

The trip resulted in the first extended negative press of the First Lady’s time in the White House. Critics questioned why Mrs. Obama chose to go to a glitzy, high-priced resort at a time when unemployment is high and many Americans are suffering economically.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll taken during the trip showed that just 50 percent of those surveyed had a positive impression of Mrs. Obama — down from 64 percent in April 2009 and 55 percent earlier this year. Nevertheless, she remains marginally more popular than her husband, whose personal approval rating was at 46 percent in the Journal poll.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you. I have gazpacho in my ears.”

Source: Washington Examiner

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There should be a thought balloon over the President’s head that says, “WTF? If Michelle’s ass fit through the gate, why won’t this umbrella?”

H/T: IOwnTheWorld.com

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First ladies have come under fire for everything from their words to their choice of clothes and china. But Obama’s role as the nation’s first African-American first lady adds a racial layer to the microscopic scrutiny her predecessors endured.

Some of the criticism may be driven by partisan politics. But others say the attacks are rooted in white resentment of the “uppity Negro.” They say there is no precedent for a Michelle Obama: a wealthy, independent black woman representing America who is not an entertainer.
In an effort to make Michelle Obama look like a cross between Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc, CNN.com played a bit fast and loose with facts. Heck, they even made some up.


Saint Michelle of Chicago, patron saint of MSNBC

In other words, America’s racist honkies would be fine with Wanda Sykes as First Lady.

Well, that’s an opinion and CNN is entitled to theirs, whether it’s adoring Michelle’s “toned, athletic arms” or believing that “Mrs. Obama’s youthfulness and glamour may seem dissonant with the public’s image of what a first lady looks like, particularly in the minds of older members of society.”

But then CNN gets a little “creative” with the facts by saying that Michelle’s independence “…is a big part of her story. She is a self-made woman who rose from a working-class background to become an Ivy League grad and hospital administrator who made good money, all before she met her husband.”

[Click to read all of this, new info you haven’t read before…]

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Is it her hideous sense of fashion? Her imperious attitude? Or just the fact that her last name is Obama?

Byron York reports in the Washington Examiner:

photo michelle obama

Michelle's approval rating dropped about 3% just for wearing this dress

The number of Americans who have a positive opinion of First Lady Michelle Obama has fallen in the last 16 months, according to the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. In April, 2009, 64 percent of those surveyed by the Journal/NBC said they had a positive impression of Mrs. Obama; today, the number is 50 percent. That 50 percent personal approval is just slightly above President Obama’s personal approval figure, which stands at 46 percent in the new poll.

It’s Bush’s fault. Laura Bush, that is.

Mrs. Obama’s personal popularity is lower than former First Lady Laura Bush’s ratings in the same poll by the same pollsters. In December, 2001, 76 percent of those surveyed had a positive opinion of Mrs. Bush. In February 2005, that number was 65 percent. In October 2006, with her husband’s job and personal approval ratings plummeting, Mrs. Bush’s personal approval rating was 56 percent.

Hey, Obamas, here’s an idea. Just forget these pesky polls and go on another fancy schmancy vacation. That’ll make everyone love you again.

Source: Washington Examiner

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We feel responsible and we apologize.

When Michelle Obama asked people to sign a birthday card to “Wish Barack a Happy Birthday,” we urged you to leave him a special IHTM kind of message.

Turns out it was just a cheesy fundraising ploy and now the Democratic National Committee has followed up with a “chain letter” asking everyone who left birthday greetings to forward Michelle’s message “to five friends.”

obama birthday cake

Warmest birthday greetings to the Fundraiser-In-Chief

The tacky new email, sent by Organizing for America founder David Plouffe, says:

“Today’s the President’s 49th birthday, and I just heard how many of you have signed his birthday card so far: 1,266,611 as of this morning.

“It’s already an amazing show of support. But before the card is delivered — with all of your signatures — I want to make sure as many folks as possible get the chance to sign it.

“Will you forward the First Lady’s e-mail below to five friends and ask them to sign with you?”

The e-mail provides a link to the official “Sign the card” Web page, which asks for a name and an e-mail address. Clicking the “Send the card” button takes the viewer directly to a page soliciting money.

“Send your money to Washington, DC.” That seems to sum up this administration’s entire economic policy.

Source: CNSnews.com

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We're going to give the President exactly what he wants for his birthday - another pound of flesh

Imagine our surprise when we got this very personal email from the First Lady today:

Dear IHateTheMedia:

Every year, our family tries to come up with a fun way to wish Barack a happy birthday.

And this August 4th, when he turns 49, I have something new in mind.

This has been a big — and hectic — year for him. After signing the Affordable Care Act and Wall Street reform into law — and completing his first year as president — I think it’s safe to say we will remember it for a long time.

And I know full well how much he credits this movement, and the work of supporters like you, for the change that we’ve accomplished.

So I’m putting together a birthday card that I would like you to sign. Together with other Organizing for America supporters — and me, Malia, Sasha, and Bo — we’ll wish him a happy birthday and let him know that we’re ready to take on the year ahead alongside him.

Will you wish Barack a happy birthday with me?

This year also brought a lot of surprises — some good and some bad.

Supporters like you have helped him make the best of it — by contacting Congress to help push stalled legislation forward, by re-engaging supporters in the political process, by giving back with service projects across the country, and so much more.

And while we can’t know what the coming year will bring, all of us, working together, will continue pushing forward for change.

Will you help make this a memorable birthday for Barack and wish him a happy 49th?


Thanks so much,

Michelle Obama

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee — 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Please take Michelle up on her request. Go to the birthday website. Leave a personal message for President Obama.

Then copy and paste your birthday greeting into a comment here at IHateTheMedia.com. This should be good for a few laughs.

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