Michelle Obama tells Democrats to vote early and vote often. Or something like that.

by editor on November 2, 2010

Michelle Obama was on the stump … ugh. Don’t know about you, but that gives us a disturbing mental image.


Vote early, vote often, vote Democrat

Let’s just go straight to Politico:

“We don’t have much time,” Michelle Obama declared to voters on Monday, urging them to get out the vote as her husband stayed at the White House and worked the phones the day before the midterms.
Rallying Democrats for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Las Vegas, Obama told the crowd to round up people who voted in 2008 but “who are planning to sit this one out.”

“You need to tell them that they can’t just vote once and hope for change to happen,” she said. “They’ve got to vote every single time.”

“Tell them that they can’t just vote once.” Spoken like a true Chicago Democrat.

Source: Politico

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Beauty is skin deep, ugly is to the bone. Her husband is making Jimmy Carter look good, she is making Amy Carter look good.


She can’t say that! That’s my line!

Vote often! Democrats do!!

I voted. Did you?


damn skippy I did.


Me too, Rob Whittman baby!!!

matthew s harrison

The anger and arrogance on her face in every photo is duly noted here.
She is such a tool-just like her husband-losers, liars, cheats, and bigots.
I hope when they fly over to India this week, they decide just to send back AF1 and 2 and stay there. Think that is possible? I hope so.