Media bias? Michelle Obama’s delightful $540 shoes versus John McCain’s shocking $520 shoes

by editor on May 3, 2009

There she was — the loveliest, most intelligent, most popular, most down to earth first lady who’s ever graced the White House – volunteering at a Washington, DC food bank.

Naturally, the press fawned over her fashion sense. She was wearing a J. Crew cardigan, an ordinary pair of Capri pants, and…what the hell…a pair of $540 sneakers by Lanvin.

These were no ordinary sneakers. No, siree. They were imported from France, made of suede, laced with grosgrain ribbons and featured metallic pink toe caps.

When reporters asked about the shoes, the First Lady’s spokesperson dismissively snorted, “They’re shoes.”

And that was that. End of story. Except for one thing.

During the Presidential campaign, however, it became a campaign issue when John McCain wore a pair $520 shoes. CNN devoted an entire report to McCain’s “Well-heeled campaign.” His shoes were used as evidence that he was out of touch with ordinary people.

We never bought this regular folks façade the press presses on Michelle Obama. And a pair of $540 seems to show that our cynicism was well deserved.

But what do we know? We’re wearing Nikes. They’re rubber and some sort of synthetic material. The laces are cotton. They set us back $29 down at the neighborhood discount sporting good store.


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Editor, I love it! Ah, Popeye – eat your spinach, it helps the memory. I totally agree with you, who cares what the rich wear on their feet? But Mrs. Obama and her husband talk about being common people, understanding common needs, desires, troubles, suffering, having compassion for the needs of people everywhere in hard times yet, her shoes cost more than all the clothes I own – and I am not terribly poor. (unprovable, but reasonable estimation.)And she wore them to a quintessential place of need and poverty – a food bank! She started a garden (who is keeping that garden going NOW, I wonder?) , advised people to work hard and not join the stock market – become nurses and social workers. Social workers and nurses are lucky they can afford a $25 dollar pair of shoes!
They are just another family of spoiled rich Young Professionals (yuppies) and were making millions before the White House, God knows what they will making after! I don’t care that they are but I wish they would admit to it and stop striking poses and acting so self-satisfied and egotistical. They both work too hard being charming.
I’d like to see some substance beneath all the poses.
At least, McCain, for everything he lacked, never tried to claim to be one of the masses – and thought that this was a free country and if you wanted to work in the Stock Market, that was a good thing! Making money is not a sin unless you are a Roman Catholic saint.


Honestly I don’t remember McCain’s shoes being an issue in the campaign. Could the article at least have had some (outside) sources on this? Then again I know this is a blog not a newspaper.

In any case, McCain’s choice of shoes should have been a non-issue. He’s a rich guy and I would expect him to buy that kind. If its spent by campaign money, then sure I’d like to know. Just like Michelle Obama, who cares how much they spend? Sounds like to me, an attempt by liberal and conservative pundits, respectively, to make something out of nothing. But hey, that’s america.


Really, really – those are her every days’. Mine cost $ 8 hers’ cost 540. LOL
There is a book called “The millionaire next door” says basically That making money is one thing SAVING it is another – the really rich people don’t necessarily look rich.
I’ve heard something about the Obama’s management of their own wealth — They tend to spend every penny both of them make plus more. One year they had something like (this is memory so don’t quote me) $33 dollars in interest on savings/checking .. we had hundreds more and I assure you we make well under $90,000 ! WE live very humbly.. and old house, 1000 SQ Ft – I buy my clothes at Walmart or make them, My whole wardrobe probably isn’t worth $540. I don’t know where my husband got his figures but he read that they have saved LESS money than we do per year for the last – oh, lets say 5 years, at least, maybe more? And we definitely don’t make any thing LIKE what they make/have made on books royalties, jobs, speaking engagements, etc..
Honestly, I doubt it occurred to her to dress humbly. (who would go to Payless shoes for her ?? – think about the hub-bub if she did!) I don’t begrudge her, her fancies I wish though she would stop being so darn …preachy ????
I bet : She says its about quality. I say cheap is good.


Can I try that last post all over again?
4500 — $450 +
want = what
Can I blame the cat?


It shows Michelle’s TRUE lack of sensitivity towards a cause she’s trying to support for the sake of publicity.

But we already know that about her!


I buy my shoes – sneakers at Payless shoes.. I love the 2 for sales. The cheaper the better. As for first lady shoes or McCain shoes, I could care less.. Listen, they are rich, rolling in dough. They wear 4500+ I wear 8$ shoes!
That isn’t want is important.
Chuck you must be lucky enough to have very typical width… I have a 7-1/2 womens wide… though, I cheat a lot and buy men’s shoes ! LOL UGLY CHEAP mens shoes.
Darn, people this world is getting to strange… I am ready for an invasion of dragons .. WE are beginning to consider unimportant and inconsequential worth mentioning!


“Here again is a perfect opportunity for a Republican to get on TV…CNN and ask why the difference about the shoes. But they have no balls!”

Why? CNN doesn’t let republicans or conservatives in general on their network, other than fleeting unflattering photos, sound bites, and gossip from dailyKos. Why would anyone want to go on CNN, anyway? Nobody’s watching them except their fellow bitter far-left hatemongerers. They can’t best the competition by putting on quality programming – wouldn’t actually want people to like what they’re watching, would they? – so they whine and criticize and try to pass first-amendment-squelching laws via their buds in Congress. All to no avail. They still suck.

Everyone is aware of the bias – including CNN – and it shows in the ratings. If they want to stay irrelevant, that’s their business.


Here again is a perfect opportunity for a Republican to get on TV…CNN and ask why the difference about the shoes. But they have no balls!

Chuck from Tacoma
Chuck from Tacoma

Wow, really? $29.00 Nike? It has been a long time since I have paid so much for a pair of sneakers. My last five pairs have been “Court Classics”, a great pair of comfortable shoes by the designer “Kirkland”. They are a very exclusive shoe, available only at Costco. Run about $15.00 per pair.
Really have nothing against folks wearing $500.00 plus shoes bought and paid for with their own money. I just resent them taking my hard earned $ and pissing it away on their favorite causes.
Bonus comment. Here we are discussing Nike, Court Classics and Lanvin shoes while I am looking at a Reebok ad on this page. We are bad people sometimes.