The Commissar Vanishes. “The most disturbing aspect of Susan Rice’s fall is the almost Soviet way in which it occurred, a process which now includes a Daily Beast hagiography of the new heroine, Samantha Power.” “Why his political hide should be all-important to the Democratic Party is a mystery. There seems an unending succession of senior officials willing to take the blame for whatever it is he is cooking up as if driven by ambition, greed or fear. It is all so eerie.” Cults of personality all work that way.

now you see Yezhov, now you don't

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It is an interesting article. I do believe that she was a pawn. My question is: Does she know that? If she knows that when did she realize it? Does she know that liberalism doesn’t truly elevate women of color in this country? The theory that she was meant to be the tomb for Benghazi and Kerry was always the main choice is a sound one. I don’t feel bad for her because she should have known better. However now that she has been raped and disposed off, she should have SOME decency and just say the truth, even if it means she never works again in a liberal administration.


I’m torn. She isn’t really qualified, she’s just an admin mouthpiece, she flat out lied to us about Bhengazi, um, uh, wait, I’m not really torn!
The only downside to her not being in contention, is that Kerry is a shoe in.


request permission to kick my shoe in kerry. sir.

with ketchup squibs even, sir?

dbl heimlich w/a billy club algore uranus? exxon valdez? mexican serape? italian necktie?
i riot one ranger
king of battle
abn, kick their sides laffin.*

* conthider my tongue bit. cat thhhh.

cathup w/that?

thed it b fore, thay itth again:


Anybody that might in any way, directly or inadvertently, expose any truth about Benghazi will suffer this fate. You are either on board with this total cover up or you are toast, and they will ruin you, your career, and the careers of family members, friends, etc. Insidious evil.