The Competence Deficit. “The fundamental problem with the Chicago school of ‘we won’ politics is that it so disproportionately rewards the hacks, scoundrels, mediocrities, pitchmen, liars and swindlers who have a talent for conning low-information voters that it eventually delegitimizes itself. It turns itself into a big shambling joke. The final result of this style of power-grabbing is total corruption and total incompetence. ‘We won’ is inevitably followed by ‘now what?’” Why, tee time, of course.

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I watched a teen semi finalist on Jeopardy yesterday. His dream is to be President. Alex asked him what he felt he would contribte at that time. He Re;ied “Competence and accountability.” Thecrowd went wild and Alex looked a little panicky.


Why would they need to hire competent teachers? It’s not like they have any students that attend class to learn.
The Obama legacy continues.