The Long-Abused Commerce Clause Will Now Bullet-Proof Concealed Carry Reciprocity. The interstate commerce clause has been bastardized by the Feds to control about everything. For example: If you make guns in California and only sell to people in California how does BATF get involved? They use the interstate commerce clause even though there’s no interstate about it. It’s time someone rammed it up the left’s ass.

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That’s odd, if you have a felony, you’re barred from owning a gun in every state, but if you’re a law abiding CCW holder, you can’t get the same courtesy.


In the eyes of liberals anyone that has a gun is a criminal, it is not possible to be a law abiding person gun owner.


So someone’s same sex marriage has to be recognized in all 50 states, but your carry permit doesn’t? That’s a load of crap. Marriage of any kind is NOT in the constitution, gun rights are.


What for it. Chuckles will be crying in front of the cameras. Guess chuck u Schumer graduated from the bluberring boys school of government

Not so silent

And the Criminals in New York and Kalifornia will be protesting in the streets, the erverytown group will have to be medicated, and democraps in congress will scream and howl led by Mad Maxine Waters who will proclaim that Russia is behind this and they want to invade Kalifornia.


And I’ll have to re-establish my New Mexico residency to get a concealed carry permit there, because it’s recently become MUCH more difficult here.