So how does Journal – News reporter Dwight R. Worley rate a NYC pistol permit? It’s easy! He’s a liberal, which means he’s a hypocrite! Seems Worley owns a Smith & Wesson 686, .357 Magnum. We hope he enjoys having his address and phone number published. Remember liberals, the First Amendment can be a double-edged sword.

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From the comments on the article.

“I’m one of those women with a crazy ex-husband who told my attorney and the judge that he would kill our two boys in front of me so I would know how much I had “hurt” him
I have the ability to defend myself and my sons, but I’ve also moved to a state where we know no one, we’ve changed our names and live in a secured building. Thank the lord I don’t live in or anywhere where the self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier than f’n thou Mr. Worley can decide he knows what’s best for me and my children.
Karma is a red headed witch with a long memory
Sleep well Worley”


A liberal? I figured it would be a squirt gun, that doesn’t look at all like a gun.


Like a ray gun from the porn classic “Flesh Gordon”?


Aww, fweetness is back!


I see him with a .32 auto.


Imagine that, liberal with a firearm. The 357 might be too much for his metrosexual self. He might opt for the .22 LR. There is less recoil from it and its not that heavy.


Yeah but .22 LR. tube fed rifles typically can hold more than 10 rounds! Most AR15’s are .223! That is just a .22 on steroids! Stupid liberals!!!! Don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda!