The word from Dixville Notch, NH. The NH hamlet that traditionally votes right after midnight on election day this year tied 5-5 between Romney and Obama. That’s the bad news. The good news is that four years ago, they landslid Obama 15-6. BTW, Dixville Notch lost half of its registered voters in the last 4 years, which pretty much tells you all you need to know about the Obama presidency.

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

I’ve been to Dixville Notch, all that snow during the winter is bound to drive a person crazy. But since most of them were crazy to begin with, and the Balsams going out of business along with the rubber factory thus the drop in population.


Is this one of those quaint little towns that has a local population of 20 people and a moose, or is it more like Dry Gulch, population 3 and a rattlesnake?

Joe Redfield

It apparently has a population of 10 fewer loons than it did in 2008.


Half the registered voters probably starved to death thanks to Obama.


Good old Dixville Notch! Local stations used to have camera crews there right at midnight to see the very first vote in the nation cast.