Three in 10 young adults live with parents, highest level since 1950s. “Surprisingly, most “boomerang kids” don’t mind living with mom and dad. If ever there were a stigma about living with parents through one’s late twenties and thirties, the recession and, along with it, a practical dollars-and-cents outlook on life have all but erased that perception.” The crack research team at IHTM believes that ‘learning to live off someone else’ early in life makes the transition easier to living off the state. We wouldn’t want anyone to be embarassed by waiting in line for food stamps, would we?

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Hey john, look at this! You are part of a rising demographic!


See, the Whiney-whines said they’d make history.

barbiegirl ny

There’s a reason Obamacare covers a “child” until 26 years of age. They’re not going to be able to leave home until they’re 40 if this president gets another term in office. God help us.


My first business trip to Europe, Italy, was in 1982. I was pretty shocked to hear that much older men at the factory I was visiting were still living with their parents. I had just BOUGHT my first house and lived in a rental for 4 years before that.

Other things that were shocking, half sized washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators that were twice as expensive. One bedroom lats that were going for triple the rent of that in Santa Barbara, no less. Gas prices of course. However, by far the weirdest was seeing the para military troops wit full auto weapons at the airport.

Looks like presidebt 0bama is working toward downgrading our standard of living to that below european standards and more toward his ‘people’ in Africa.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

He and his “elite” friends think we should be more like Europe… not Italy, Greece.


A bachelor’s degree in comparative literature? What the hell else would you do with that except live with mommy and daddy?

A degree in basket weaving would be more useful. At least you can build something to hold your brains.


After my daughter finished 6 years in the Navy, she moved back in. She found a tech job in our area and still lives with us (she’s almost 29). She is a tremendous help. She does housework and laundry, buys some of the groceries, and contributes financially as well as helping with the dogs in our house. (My wife runs a 501C3 rescue) If she gets a promotion and has to move, we will definitely miss her!
Not all kids living at home are layabout slugs.


As i understand it, this is a regular part of the business cycle. Recessions drive up this kind of consolidation. There should be pent up demand for setting up new households. When this gets released, the relevant purchases for setting up a new place will be a nice jolt to economy


The saddest part is that many of them probably don’t want to live at home, but the economy makes it almost impossible to live on their own, unless they pool with others or get married. Sad…


Then there’s the just plain useless ones, like John.

The Road Warrior

Soon to be five in 10. This is the new norm for the liberal obama economy!

(Well except for the elites.)

Vote the ass out, or live the new norm. Remember, you deserve whatever you vote for!


It was 5 out of 10. Brilliant move that OWS thing, to bring the stats down.. 😉