Top GOP Leader Promises Total Amnesty In 2015. Look! The RINOs are bending over before the next session of Congress even starts! Guess they forgot why they took control of Congress in the November election already.

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6 November 2012

Those scum.

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I have a dream!


It took exactly 30 days for them to break their pledge to us. Is it any wonder that both parties are so despised. Leave it to a RINO to piss away any chance of ever correcting the mess that quagmire has caused.

Hey all those of you who are under employed or unemployed. Its going to get worse. You see, none of you will do the work that all these illegals will do. As for those of us in LE. Our jobs are going to get worse and the altercations are going to rise. Just as soon as the news is translated into Spanish, Russian and a couple of other languages. The influx of those coming here illegally will make this past few months look like a single line parade. When the next terrorist attack occurs on US soil and when the path leads back to the terrorist being here illegally then what? If the hildabeast is in office. We will all here that we must empathize with those who have attacked us as they are misunderstood and not as fortunate as we are.

Lock and load.


But, the unemployment rate will continue to go lower, according to Obama.


Yea and a mouse can hold up an elephant by it’s tail if you play with the numbers long enough.


Remember “Scenes we’d like to see” from Mad Mag?? here’s one..

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Not so silent

Press #2 for English…..Sessions is an asshole…bring in more illegals to take away jobs..great idea blinky, why don’t you just nuke America while your at it?


Sessions is bought and paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce. That organization, led by Tom Donohue, targets Congressmen who are opposed to amnesty at the behest of corporate interests who want to suppress wages.


This is an exercise in bent over politics, Their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution is meaningless. The Redhimmicretan party has no leadership, it resembles the ship of fools.

Joe Redfield

Typical RINO strategy – punt on first down.