Trump: NBC ‘stands behind Brian Williams,’ not people who tell it ‘like it is.’ Sorry, NBC only deals in illusion.

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Remember that gal called Sarah Palin? She called a spade a spade too. The media effectively destroyed her and her credibility. The sad truth is that the democrats can and will say whatever they wish, while repubs can’t.

There is a solution to this. Program your TV set to avoid all the major media outlets (except FOX) their affiliates and any channel that does not promote your beliefs. Big advertising is watching you to see where you spend your time while your TV is on. Imagine the corporate shiiting of pants that would occur if viewership at NBC, CBS and ABC dropped by half overnight while FOX gets an increase. Their programming and political slant would change overnight. Money talks, BS walks.

Another even better solution would be for us to just turn TV off. Within a month the IQ of our country would double. Health and obesity would turn around for the better. General sense of well being would increase dramatically and we wouldn’t be nearly as pissed off all the time.


Sorry, NBC only deals in illusion.

Sorry, NBC only deals in DELUSION.

There, I fixed it for you.


NBC the same band of bozo’s that allow al sharpton to spew his racist stupidity
trump should be our next president–and banish NBC to somalia


At this point I’d throw in for Trump if for no other reason that he’s the one to most pi$$ off the Establishment and the Collaborationist Media.

Not so silent
Not so silent

Well NBC/Universal/Comcrap/Uni-vision is one big Obama leg rider/supporter we all know that. It’s a wonder they ran Trump’s show at all. Now they have another hole in their fall lineup, and their ratings are already in the shitter.

The best Part was they tried to say because of the things Trump Said about Mexico they were dropping his show, and he turned right back on them and called them for Brian Williams bullshit and the fact that Williams still works for NBC with no cut in pay.

All I can say for now is “go Donald Go”..Let people hear the truth about the truth about the bullshit going on behind the scenes…I can’t wait till he takes on CAIR or another libtard organization.