TSA screener asks 79-year-old if she’s wearing a sanitary napkin. When she answered no, he announced loudly, “There’s an anomaly in the crotch area!” It’s probably rude to generalize, but there also seems to be an anomaly in the average TSA screener’s brain area.

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Uhm I was waiting for the writer to say he was just joking. This is just disgusting and sad. There is actually no shame on the part of this agent at all to be talking to her in this way. Disgusting. TSA have high turnover rates that has got to tell us something.

Stossel did a special where it discussed private screening companies and how far better they are than the TSA. We should do that.

pink Floyd

“there also seems to be an anomaly in the average TSA screener’s brain area.”

Yeah, if you can call a vacuum an anomaly.

Bret Mertens

TSA should be abolished based on the State Dept. stating the war on terror is over, eventhough they originally banned that type of terminology. But it appears the TSA is now going outside of the airport. In Houston it is being reported they will be doing some type of monitoring with our mass transit systems. Can you believe they will be riding our buses? Where does this craziness end? We must stop the growth & shirnk the control of Fedzilla.

Not so silent

Leave it t5o the TSA to find an “anomaly” in grandma’s crotch area! I guess all those sex registrants and child molesters must be at the head of the TSA hiring line.


The “anomaly” was probably that she wasn’t wearing a thong. After scanning three hundred thongs in a row, granny came through wearing regular undies and the guy couldn’t figure out why she looked different.

That’s my guess, and I don’t want to think about it anymore…


In that case, I would really confuse them!
Going “commando” might just give them nightmares!


I guess I shouldn’t wear a kilt when I go to fly somewhere?


If the “War On Terror” is over, get rid of the TSA. We don’t need them anymore.


Friggin’ Tea Party is still on the loose. 😉

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Not gonna happen until we get rid of “Dear Leader”. The TSA are his new Brown Shirts.


Oh but if we profile the Muslims they might get upset.
But try walking into a airport with a Ted Nugent for president T-shirt, OD greens and jungle boots, I bet we’d get “profiled” in a heart beat.


But God forbid that we adopt Israel’s airport security methods!


I have to give the democrats credit. There stupidity knows no bounds.
They “democrats” are following the european model as to what security means
at airports.

LOL they even got there idea for the scanners from europe.
“That the general public being out raged at first would come to accept it over time”.

But here is the thing, we are not europe.
There is nothing like living in a police state, now is there?

People like me who know about what’s going on tried are our best to get the State Department to talk with FAA about which terroist groups were trying to get into this country.

The democrats branded people like me as racists, and the public bought it thinking that my group were just a bunch of crazy people.

If State just coordinated with FAA, you folks would not be going through all of this. It was that simple.

My group was not asking for the moon, just common sense.

What was so hard about that? Can anyone answer me that one?

Pittsburgh Z

I have to disagree…I have traveled through Europe quite a lot…mostly German airports and have never encountered the same level of stupidity that I have in our airports….Not even close.


The draconian mentality of this administration is slowly becoming so prevalent that people just accept it as something that must be done? TSA and the whole police state homeland security morons are there to slowly remove the constitution, piece by piece. Does anyone really feel safer with people who in one second are baggage handlers and the next moment federal employed as TSA?
groping children? the elderly but for heavens sake do not profile the muslims.