Two Republicans, four giant balls

by editor on March 20, 2010

This is what we’re talking about. Conservatives actually standing up to the Democrats for once. Effin’ A, man.

First, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) issues a warning to any Democrats who change their ObamaCare votes from no to yes.

Then Rep. Paul Broun, (R-GA), a family doctor, has a few choice words for the lovely and effervescent Princess Pelosi.

Coburn: I want to send a couple messages to my colleagues in the House. If you voted no and you vote yes and you lose your election, and you think any nomination to a federal position isn’t going to held in the Senate, I’ve got news for you. It’s going to be held.

If you think you can cut a deal now and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn’t going to happen and be prepared to defend selling your vote in the House…

Broun: I have three simple questions Ms Pelosi. Are you so arrogant that you think you know what’s best for the American people? Are you so ignorant that you are oblivious to the wishes of the American people? And are you so incompetent that you are going to ignore the Constitution of the United States, use tricks, deceptions, bald faced lies to try to ram down the throat of the American people something that they do not want and is going to be absolutely worse for their healthcare?…”


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Sean W. Surrey
Sean W. Surrey

Catherine is under the delusion that “social justice”, actually exist. The whole world has benefited from the American health system. Literally billions of people have had their lives saved because of the advances WE have made through our system. World leaders who condemn us are always coming here for their medical treatment or having our doctors go there. You however , because not everyone benifits, calls it a failure. Your myopia for utopia will cause more death and disease in the long run than any one single cause. In the never ending liberal power grab called ‘Social justice’ the majority is sacrificed for the minority. (Curiously, liberals are ALWAYS somehow contained in that minority… Coincidence or something more sinister…) Where as Conservatives understand the reality that everyone can not be saved. That Justice has always been hit and miss despite the intentions of humanity. Perfection is always strived for but we acknowledge that it will never be achieved. What more revealing of the liberal mind than they will cheat , steal , lie and mislead to make things perfect in their ideology? The poison apple never falls far from the tree. The decisions that have to made may be cruel but necessary. The system can be fixed but never controlled. Because humanity can not be controlled. No matter how much your masters have convinced you so.


True social justice is about me as an individual and others as the individuals that they are to choose, out of their own free will, to offer charity (either in the terms of goods, money, time and services) to others. We do so because we believe it is the right thing to do. We do it out of our own money, goods, services and time. We do not put pressure on others to do the same as we are doing NOR do we ask others to do it, while not doing it ourselves.

Socialist/Progressive’s view of social justice is warped. Progressives like to tell people what they should do for others, but they don’t really do it themselves. Even if they are charitable, they do a minimum, while they expect others to go above and beyond and give even more than what they can afford to give (be again in time, services, goods, money, etc).

Even if a person can afford to give more than what they do give, it is their choice to do so. Also Progressives like to determine how much is enough for someone to live on without considering that everyone is not the same and everyone has different goals in life.

Progressives like to take the money out of someone else’s pocket and tell that person they can live on much less, while at the same time Progressives accumulate titles and wealth unto themselves and refuse to live on the minimum.

Hypocrisy is at work here. What the people that wish to rule over us like Pelosi should do is give up their perks and gold five star healthcare that they have and truly live the live that they DEMAND everyone else to live. Pelosi should live in a modest home and not require millions to be spent on her travelling for herself and her family. She lives like a Queen but expects everyone else to live as paupers, even if they don’t have to because they are willing and able to work and pay for things themselves without government intrusion. The govt should be there to arbitrate so no one takes advantage over another person. The govt should not be placed in a position of absolute power where they can mandate who is deserving of whatever. That is not freedom nor liberty.

I have no problem with exposing corruption.


I am not going to start name calling – I see it here all the time when someone is arguing in favor of Obama’s legislation. I just want to ask you two serious questions. 1) Why am I supposed to pay for something you want? 2) How are we supposed to pay for universal healthcare? I think these are two legitimate questions. I am not even going to go into anything else, though I could write all night about the reprehensible behavior of democrats and a few republicans.

If you can answer the second question HONESTLY, I wll at least support the idea of some sort of government benefit for healthcare.


I can only conclude that Tom Coburn (R-OK) could not rest until the country and indeed the world knew what spiteful, vindictive, mean-spirited little man he is. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation in the world that has not established some form of national health insurance, either public or private, and indeed anyone who has had to test the American insurance system knows how cruel it can be.

Coburn evidently means to compound the cruelty, not only by refusing to fashion a system that is more just and equitable, but by strutting up to a microphone to declare he will exact revenge against any Democrat who is unfortunate enough to lose his/her seat and fortunate enough to be offered a position in the Obama administration — and Coburn makes a great many assumptions there, frankly. What kind of a man uses a debate about a life-and-death issue, health care, to pursue a vendetta?

In so doing, Coburn has violated multiple oaths, and shown how shoddy his understanding of Christianity is. Jesus offered healing, not a demand for profits, and certainly not political payback.

Shame, shame, ever shame on Oklahomans for installing this spiteful little man.


Hmmm, if the damned Republicans had acted like fools between 2002 and 2006 (even though they were warned many, many times) we wouldn’t be dealing with a communist in the White House and progressive fools in both Houses of Congress…