Now you can drain your bladder and fill your gas tank simultaneously

by editor on October 15, 2009

The Mazda CX-7, a car that runs on pee, is the perfect car for Washington, DC, a city that runs on bullshit

The Mazda CX-7, a car that runs on pee, is the perfect car for Washington, DC, a city that runs on bullshit

Perhaps that’s not a scientifically accurate description, but it’s close enough for blogging purposes.

The new Mazda CX-7 4WD uses a special liquid similar to human urine to reduce emissions. The special compound, which goes by the name AdBlue, is 1/3 urea and 2/3 demineralized water.

The technology, which is common in Europe and Australia’s trucking industry, is called selective catalyst reduction. Without getting over our heads in scientific jargon, it injects AdBlue into the car’s exhaust system and renders NOx emissions harmless.

According to The Age Australia, “Regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States are planning to introduce strict new limits on diesel emissions in the future, which will eventually make the urea-based systems mandatory equipment on all cars.”

We’re not that impressed with a car that runs on pee. We’d be a lot more excited if they could develop a car that runs on bullshit.

Hell, in that case Al Gore could put OPEC out of business all by himself.

Source: The Age Australia

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I listen to something on XM/Sirius called “The Wilcow Majority”. The host is Andrew Wilkow, & he has said, only half joking BTW, that the person who can figure out how to turn human waste, mainly sh!t, into fuel for your car, will be the wealthiest person in the world alsmost overnight.

Mazda Cx 7

This is pretty remarkable, all jokes aside. A fuel that is made partly of waste: pretty crazy. I bet the environmentalists will love this. They should all buy Cx7’s instead of prius’s.


Urea has worked to some effect in power plant emissions but there are better technologies out there now a days. Technology does not slow down.

What? Are we all jumping to diesel? I don’t think so…

Piss on Urea! Better catalytic converts in the pipeline would make this a non necessary step.

Don't Buy The Hype
Don't Buy The Hype

Man, to create something like this, one must be a real “wizz.”

I bet OPEC is “pissed” to have the competition.

Although, whenever any of these innovations come out, you can’t expect everyone to go buy a new car. So OPEC shouldn’t “sweat” it.

They better do this 100%. Either “urine” or you’re out.

WEE WEE that was fun!


Thats odd in the plywood industry all the so called environmentalists want plywood that is NO ADDED UREA FORMALDEHYDE … but i guess they want to run all cars on UREA…hmmm im confused…

some issues with UREA

Urea can be irritating to skin, eyes, and the respiratory tract. Repeated or prolonged contact with urea in fertilizer form on the skin may cause dermatitis.

Too high concentrations in the blood can cause damage to organs of the body. Ingestion of low concentrations of urea, such as are found in typical human urine, are not dangerous with additional water ingestion within a reasonable time-frame. Many animals (e.g., dogs) have a much more concentrated urine and it contains a higher urea amount than normal human urine; this can prove dangerous as a source of liquids for consumption in a life-threatening situation (such as in a desert).

Urea can cause algal blooms to produce toxins, and its presence in the runoff from fertilized land may play a role in the increase of toxic blooms.[5]

The substance decomposes on heating above melting point, producing toxic gases, and reacts violently with strong oxidants, nitrites, inorganic chlorides, chlorites and perchlorates, causing fire and explosion hazard