U.S. expands sanctions list aimed at Iran’s nukes. Blather. Rinse. Repeat.

by editor on June 19, 2010


Is it us or is G. Washington blushing more than usual?

For anyone who hasn’t lived in a cave for the last twenty years, it is painfully obvious that “sanctions” never work. It’s pretty much the equivalent of a “time out” for a serial killer, or in this case a deranged dictator – same thing.

The Obama administration has a problem with history. They haven’t read it and are rushing to repeat all the mistakes.

The Associated Press reports on Obama’s historical myopia:

The targets include five companies and 90 ships that Iran used to evade three previous rounds of sanctions, said Stuart Levey, Treasury’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. Levey said Iran even renamed and repainted some ships to try to evade recognition.

Marina Ottaway, a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, said she doubts sanctions will push Iran to ditch its nuclear program. “I can’t think of any example of a regime that has been brought to its knees by sanctions,” she said. “Sanctions are an expression of frustration by the countries that enforce them.”

Well, now Miss Ottaway, we beg to differ. We have some ideas for sanctions that will bring Iran to its knees faster than Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. How about embargoing:


Embargo Item #5: If it continues threatening Israel, Iran may need a lot of these radioactive signs

1. No more “Baywatch” DVDs for Mahmoud.

2. No more goat lingerie for Victoria’s Secret Tehran.

3. No more of those “Miami Vice” stubble razors for Iranian men.

4. No more copies of Mein Kampf for Iranian libraries.

5. No more of those helpful “Radioactive” warning signs.

6. No more designer label dynamite vests.

George Washington said, “It is much easier at all times to prevent an evil than to rectify mistakes.”

Barack Obama said he would sit down with any of our enemies without preconditions.

We think we’ll go with Washington on this one.

Source: Associated Press, USA Today

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Awesome. Because there is nothing more frightening to Iran than a piece of paper. I mean the fear of paper cuts just paralyzes them.

I agree Vic. He knows what he is doing. He wants to do as much as he can the thing is that he is so arrogant he believes that what he is doing is for our best and we don’t know better.


Guys, I still can not accept that Obomber is stupid. He is just plain evil. Please do not cut him slack by calling him stupid. He is crafty as a fox. And he hates us. He wants us to join the list of downtrodden third world countries. Piss on him


Obamarama never studied American History. He learned Indonesian History

matthew s harrison
matthew s harrison

Greg-probably both-and he probably just saw one of barry’s gay lovers sneak out the back door!


Is the portrait of George blushing from embarassment or is he fuming at the ineptitude of the Obama Regime?


[…] of a “time out” for a serial killer, or in this case a deranged dictator – same thing. full story […]

Kip Hooker

Hmm Sanctions on those items might actually work.