Valerie Plame fundraising on GoFundMe to raise enough money to buy Twitter so she can ban President Trump. Listen, we know there should be something to say about this. We feel deeply that some sort of scathing editorial comment is demanded, for the sake of propriety. But there simply are not words in the English language adequate to the task of describing the level of stupidity involved here, at least so far as we know. Maybe someone at ESPN can come up with something appropriate.

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Just shut up you phony bitch. Put the scarf around your neck and go for a ride in a convertible with spoke wheels.


She must need cash… and she KNOWS that a fool and his money are so easily separated and the people on the Left has A LOT of fools…


“No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people” Author Unknown

Joe Redfield

I wish I knew who the people are who have already donated to this campaign…I have some infrastructure in Brooklyn that might interest them.


I know, right? She’s collected $3,000. Who is dumb enough to give someone else money to buy stock for herself? Maybe I should try that.


Probably got donations from the 3 major networks.


The same sort of people who her up after she was “outed”. There is nothing undercover about a desk jockey who hits the DC cocktail party circuit.

Not so silent

For the win, for the dumbest f*cking idea ever…from a libtard no less and kind of a nazi move too. Kill free speech, Valerie needs a few days in a nuthouse.