Was David Petraeus Blackmailed By His Own Government? We can’t figure out why this was not uncovered when he was vetted for CIA Director, meaning it probably was uncovered, meaning there’s a good chance he was being blackmailed and finally said hell with that and resigned.

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Now another general is caught up in this. He just happens to be the top commander in the shit hole called Afghanistan.

Though this started as a sex scandal, it’s going to lead to getting to the truth of what happened in Benghazi. barry, joey and leon thought this was going away. Not a chance now. It has the one aspect that the msm can not resist. Sexual affair and the down fall of a general who until he couldn’t keep his pants on was highly respected by all.


Of course this was a setup. The left have hated his ass since he came onto the scene with “The Afgan Surge” & the MoveOn ad said it all, General Betray Us. They turned on him, & now he’s gone. Mission accopmlished.


say whaaaa??? our Govt? blackmail a soldier??? why the very idea absolutely reeks of ridiculousityness on par with, oh, shall we say watching 4 Americans die on tv as though it were an x-box game? Or failing to secure the votes of our warriors overseas in a major election cycle? P shaw. Stuff and fluff. I certainly HOPE that this blatantly racist headline doesn’t CHANGE our dear leader’s attitude towards the FORWARD advance of us lemmin.. um… shee.. um RECIPIENT’s of his benevolent actions for our WELFARE.
Oh, I need to REDISTRIBUTE my energy from such obviously racially inflammatory LIES and back to toting and hauling so the MASTE.. um KIN.. his majestituditiness can return to PLANing his much needed, and Thoroughly Appropriate vacaTION.


I figured the reason they gave him the DCI position in the first place was so he would not run for president in 2012. Hopefully he has a set and if Obama did anything criminal or highly unmoral with regards to Benghazi he does what Obama has done to so many people and throws him under the bus.


The Left always plays poker with cards up their sleeves. The “A” card serves their purposes well when needed.


Wouldn’t have been better if he had waited for the hearing say the whole truth exactly as it is, perhaps provide evidence and then announce the blackmail and the reason why he lied the first time around?