A brief message to the Democrat Party

by editor on November 3, 2010

Here’s Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons with an insightful message for the Democrats who tried to change America instead of merely changing Washington, DC.

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To a certain extent, YT, I have to agree with you. Just like the “Contract with America, I fear that many of the new office holders will let all the promises fall by the wayside. But our job is to hold their feet to the fire, insist that they do the job they were elected to do, or be tossed out like yesterday’s trash in the next cycle. As the new Speaker mentioned last night, this election day is a mandate for the House. Smaller government, lower taxes, less spending. Give the country back to the people. The bigger the government, the smaller the people. It’s a start. It’s not going to happen overnight.


I’m a little dissapointed the Tea Party canidates didn’t do better. I hope they can keep up thier momentum but it seems most Americans are either still asleep or net beneficiaries of the wealth distribution already.

Hopefully the house won’t bother writing any legislation. Nothing will get a chance to be repealed though.

America, you had your chance but just didn’t pull it off. Looks like more hard times and crisis are needed before enough heads are dislodged from rectums.

Got the 3 Bs? Beans, Bullion and Bullets?