What’s a couple billion between friends?

by editor on March 11, 2011

Remember last week when the Democrats touted the fact that they were proposing a miniscule $6.5 billion in budget cuts? To hear them tell it, they were going after the budget with a chain saw, hacking away at spending like there was no tomorrow.


The CBO has wiped the smiles off Democrat faces

Surprise, surprise. The Congressional Budget Office – you know, the guys the Democrats said were unimpeachable sources during the ObamaCare debate – now says the Dems’ proposal doesn’t quite add up.

ABC’s Jake Tapper checks in with the specifics:

After last week’s meeting on Capitol Hill among congressional leaders and Vice President Biden, Senate Democrats wrote legislation and gave it to CBO to be analyzed.

CBO put the cuts at $4.7 billion.

Well, c’mon now. $4.7 billion with a b is nothing to sneeze at. And that doesn’t even include the Cowboy Poetry Festival.

Source: ABC News

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I have a question? How does anyone fund a program thats been deemed unconstitutional by a Fed. Judge ?…… Any time ! ever ?


The most important thing is this is OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, not there money.


That is the maxim as per socialism.


Last I checked, the “cuts” only cut from the planned increase. They’re not real cuts!
Good thing the teachers’ unions in some states are getting a shake-up; maybe kids will start learning real math again and know what a real budget cut is.


$4.7 billion is nothing to sneeze at if your’e a small businessman or businesswoman but in the big scheme of things, it’s chicken scratch…we need $100’s of billions of cuts, and those need to be across the board! Rep. Boehner (R) from where ever is already pissing me off so much I’m going to work for his conservative opponent! I’m so tired of limp-dicked half stepping! We need real adult leadership in DC…it’s too late for half measures!