White House Insider: Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony – “Complete Bullsh-t”. “Every f-cking question was agreed to BEFOREHAND. Hillary had notes for every question. Watch her look down every time a question is asked. She sucks at hiding it. That’s the tell.” Kabuki, anyone?

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So Hillary was part of the cover up and lied through her teeth. Ho hum, so what, nothing to see here. A few people got killed, big deal, yawn.
Now lets look at something really important, Phil Mickelson had to nerve to complain about taxes. Now there is news that everyone should be concerned with.
You have to hand it to the media, they know what’s important for the proletariat to know the complete unending details. BTW, don’t miss the Kardashian’s latest adventure tonight.


Watched Diane Sawyer lick it up last night on the news. They’re grooming her and the Republicans will not be able to stop her election in 2016. Obama will endorse her and campaign for her. After these two are done with it, we’ll look like the EU on steroids. Kiss it goodbye, because our country as we know it is toast.


No one will ever back Sawyer. They may TELL her they will, but they won’t. I wonder if anyone snapped to the fact that Hilary’s emotional lability (crying at one point, angry and yelling at another) could very well be the result of her head injury? The behaviours are way out of character for her, and I suspect the clot as the cause.


Hillary ran the script exactly as it was written. That included crying on cue. Never underestimate the Clinton machine and what it is capable of. This is a woman that actually endured having sex with Bill enough times to conceive the required child in order to gain the Presidency, his and ultimately hers. She endured the public humiliation of Bill’s repeated affairs because she needed to in order to ride his coat tails to the White House. The head injury was a smoke screen to delay the hearings until they could hold them with minimal impact on the party. Think I’m wrong about the crying, watch the master at a Ron Brown’s funeral.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnQ0g4BhHss


We still have one saving grace. My libtard neighbor said if Hillary won the ’08 nomination, he would have voted for McCain. She is wildly unpopular.


Senate hearings against other politicians are usually a sham with a lot of predetermined questions – it’s mainly just a stage for political grandstanding. That’s why the same senators who grilled Clarence Thomas defended Bill Clinton. Nothing you see in Washington is real.


Nothing is real anymore.

All that hullaballoo over Beyonce lip-syncing? They ALL do it. ALL of them. Who did she piss off that they decided to call her on it as if it’s suddenly a scandalous action?

“Reality” shows are staged. Sports is rigged. Celebrity interviews are worked out ahead of time. Charities are all fronts for sinister international operations. The food you eat is phony.

The whole damned world is a charade.


Beyonce lip-syncing at the inauguration! That’s downright cowardly! RKAE, you’re exactly right about… well, all being vanity.

The book of Ecclesiastes starts out (David speaking):
“Meaningless! Meaningless! says the Teacher.“Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

Of course, this is strictly a human viewpoint slant, and we all know David’s story. His weaknesses, his failures, AND his incredible triumphs while in control of the Spirit. He was one of the greatest believers ever. If I didn’t have my Christian faith to hold me up, I’d be a raving lunatic. The world is vanity without God.

Sorry if I’m being preachy here, but the point is that we need a firm foundation in the face of all this fakery and phoniness. That foundation is God and His word.

Ok, done preaching…


How true. And the actors are all demented left wingers, not only in Hollywood but part and parcel of our political system. And in every calamity that occurs, whether Bengazhi or Newtown,Ct. they can’t wait to rush in with their bad acting and unhinged commentary.


Sorry, I still don’t believe this “Insider” schtick.


Guess falling on the sword was not in the cards for her today. She shows the true monster that is under the skin. Durbin trying to spin the story line away from Benghazi into weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was too funny. Dickie forgets that it was Billy that claimed Hussein had them as well.


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Lip Sync?
She was a sock puppet for sock puppet!