White House weighing how many executive orders President Obama can reasonably get away with. “Obama is considering a series of new executive actions aimed at working around a recalcitrant Congress… Obama is likely to rely heavily on executive powers to set domestic policy in his second term.” The perfesser of “Constitutional Law” is busy trying to circumvent that hunnert-year-old document and the media wonders why guns and ammo sales are skyrocketing.

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Is it too late to ask why there is such a thing as an executive order?

(And I don’t mean “is it too late in this thread”; I mean “is it too damned late?”)



Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

“Dear Leader” has already gotten his pee-pee slapped with the recess appointments, just a couple more unconstitutional Executive Orders, and it’s impeachment time.


Ignore the unlawful orders, folks. And ignore the “czars” too, they have no authority.


How many can he get away with?
Too damn many already.


How many? Enough to make Guam tip over.

David Bishop

The problem with America today is that we simply have a large group of individuals who believe in values much different then economic truth, American exceptionalism, or firm adherence to the Constitution. These are legal citizens, who are legally (for the most part) voting in droves to give people who have similar beliefs power. They can not be swayed by a simple history lesson or economics lecture. And they have the voter base to continue supporting their decisions, however quasi-legal, corrupt, or misguided they may be.

The fiscal conservative/libertarian has only 2 choices.

One can go out, encourage proliferation of economic fact and theory, engage in thoughtful debate, and try to rally the minds of the low-info voters out there.

The other option is to collect monetary fiduciaries like silver, gold, or foreign currency of the stable variety. You can begin purchasing weapons and ammunition for your eventually needed protection against those who wish to kill you. And ready your children and homes for a US collapse.

I would honestly advise to do both options. Realistically at a 125% Debt to GDP ratio, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is no ability to save the currency or keep our place as a world power. There are ways to stem the bleeding, but in the end the wound will be mortal. But perhaps after the complete economic collapse of the western world, there will be enough like-minded knowledgeable people to rebuild.


Such dire, grim outlook. Coupled with better than fair advice. The shame of it all is that it’s so damned true.

Elrond Hubbard

So long as Congress and the Republicans remain supine while the MSM and the unions continue as Obama cheerleaders, there in no limit to the number of executive orders Obama can “get away with”. No one in Washington has the courage to challenge the One’s power grabs. Maybe it’s up to an angered citizenry.

We’re only a short slide away from being a bankrupt banana republic with a caudillo doling out the patronage and calling the shots.


It’s more like Boehner et al have bent over and spread ’em.


I thought we were there already,

Joe Redfield

The problem is defining “reasonable”; based on the election results, tens of millions of American voters are quite willing to let BO & Co. trample the Constitution at will. Of course, if the vast Left Wing propaganda machine were ever to mention that perhaps, maybe, just possibly the Prez has crept over the line just a hair(kill lists, anyone?)many of them might change their minds.