Why employment is dead in the water. “For most businesses, overhead costs 50% to 100% of total employee compensation–wages plus benefits and payroll taxes. So adding another employee to gross 20% more doesn’t make it worthwhile–it actually generates a loss once overhead costs are paid.” Profits? Costs? Overhead? This is a foreign language to academics and politicians, to whom money apparently grows on trees along with the unicorn steaks.

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Or you know, it could just be Corporate Greed.


Shut up, creepycrawley


of course you do, but you are a moron.


Or it could be just stupid, unthinking morons. Like you!


This is why academia should be forced to actually leave their sheltered lives, work in the private sector for at least 2 consecutive years, then just maybe they would understand that all if their lectures are fantasies and bull shit.

As for the dim wit politicians, they are a lost cause and the sooner everyone that votes D for dumbass realize it. The sooner they can get a grip on reality and begin the process of becoming self reliant.