Yet another lovestruck CNN reporter. Three days after stalker Tom Foreman admitted his Obama obsession, here’s co-worker Jim Acosta waxing bromantic as the president walks by: “You know, I feel like I should pinch myself right now!” God knows what part of his body he was pinching.

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God knows what part of his body he was pinching.

Considering the lovestruck admiration these tools have for him, I’m guessing it was his nipples.

Jim Stewart

Ditto that Bonfire. I haven’t watched a mainstream newscast since the Red River flood of 1997. And this reporter from CNN confirms that I have not missed a thing.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

I haven’t watched the news on TV for years (as in 30.) Those of you who still do so, how do you stand it?


That’s more years than I’ve been alive, but give me time, I just gave it up this past November.

What did you do before the internet btw? Newspapers? I like newspapers actually, although most lean liberal, the local ones tend not to be as blatantly biased as the MSM.


Radio! not just conservative talk radio either, though I have listened to Rush Limbaugh since he went national. I actually met him at a symposium just as he was becoming famous, so even though he can be a butthead, I have a more personal connection with him. But yeah, radio, newspapers, magazines and talking to people were all sources of information!


Bon – I gave up TV news about 20 years ago myself. I gave up TV pretty much completely 15 years ago, though I do watch some documentaries and cooking shows now. (I had no cable for many years.) I realized afterwards that I became much happier – the news was just so depressing.


Before Rush, I had no political interests. I started listening to him on KFI back in the 80’s, and began to form some kind of political views. At the same time, I was also listening to Tom Leykis, so my views didn’t all go one way or the other. Some of what each said, I disagreed with, some I agreed with. I still enjoy both of them on occasion.

As for TV news, I can read. I don’t need some moron reading my news to me.