Sierra passes closed due to snowfall. It looks like Global Warming is coming early this year! Better call Al Gore!

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My family spends a lot of time in the high Sierra back country and Yosemite High Sierra camps are one of our favorite venues in the area. We were informed that due to the snow pack, the camps were not opening at all this Summer. Tioga road, runs north of the valley in Yosemite, was closed for 6 weeks longer than normal this year. Since we really don’t care for the valley and the crowds, we didn’t get to visit Yosemite this year for the first time in forever. Sad for us, but apparently good news is that the doomed mother earth will be around for at least another year longer than AG warned us it would. Dumb***!!!!

Not so silent

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You no longer have to worry about the carbon footprint you leave. As if you ever did.


Global warming climate change. When will all these dip shits JSTFU and face reality. The weather changes and there is not a damn thing man can do about it.

Snore figured out away to cheat people out of their money and put it in his pocket. Damn those 8 years next to Slick and the hildabeast rubbed off. SCREW over everyone, take the money and run.


Al “Dufus’ Gore will break into some Navajo dance like he understands what it means.
Definitely Not!

Joe Redfield

Sierra ski resort operators would love it if Algore paid an extended visit.