An apocalyptic mass extinction will begin in 2100, scientists say. Well hell. Do we bet on these dummies? Or the ‘Christian numerologist‘ who says we’re toast on Saturday? Vegas will probably give the same odds.

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Will this be from the population bomb, earth being struck by an asteroid, comet, flying saucer, nuclear war, bubonic plague, STD, or______? Morons who state/publish this nonsense need to be in a mental health facility.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

I think the movie “Idiocracy” pretty much sums it up.

Not so silent

From the same people who can’t be sure if it will rain tomorrow or not…


Global warming, way in the future, more of the same apocalyptic bullshit they’ve been peddling for decades. These people are not scientists. They’re no better than astrologers or 1-800-PSYCHIC.

Dave K

Meh, I’ll be rotting in a coffin someplace by then anyway.

Now excuse me while I go turn my central air on, it’s kind of muggy in here.

Joe Redfield

Notice that the payoff doesn’t come for another 10,000 years, so you just have to take his word for it that eternal poverty for the human race is the only way to prevent the catastrophe he’s predicting.