Union Leaders Tried to Bully This California Teacher Into Silence. She Didn’t Give In. They follow the Democrat mantra of if you ain’t with us we’ll get you.

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I would be willing to bet, she gets laid off “Due to budget cuts”. no other school will hire her, and the teachers union will turn it’s back on her..That is the way the communist teachers union in Kalifornia works. They have Ass Clown Jerry Brown by the balls, along with the democrat majority in the senate and assembly, yet Kalifornia is at the bottom in students graduating and actually learning anything, other than how get to free shit, and riot. The teachers union is kinda like the AFLCIO in the old days, when if you didn’t go with the union way, you ended up as part of a building project by “accident”…and you have to pay to play if you wanna keep your job.


She should be able to get a job at a private school, where she can take pride in her work.