Veterans Day, Part Deux: 33 incredible combat videos from Iraq

by editor on November 12, 2009

One day isn’t enough to honor America’s vets. So let’s do it again today.

The things they do to protect the rest of us pansies is incredible, as is evidenced by this compilation of 33 incredible combat videos from Iraq.

Source: LiveLeak

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Sup!!!!! Marines are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mess with the best, Die like the rest

Abdul Qudduus

Life’s too short too ignore it, may Allaah change your hearts to good, in the mean time wake up and think about the time when your going to be buried and Angels will start asking you things that you ignored from that other American named Abdul Qudduus that you were reading from on ‘ihatethemedia com’.
I don’t assume you can see what’s going on in front, to the sides, or in back of you, but Revelations keep getting proved true, like the way the mountains are literally proven to be pegs in the earth’s crust, keeping it from moving beneath our feet. Like the layering of the earth in seven layers, and the layers of the sky likewise. Like all these fools saying they’re Jesus and Muhammad (May Allaah grant the real Prophets and Messengers eternal Safety and Peace), but they gather people up to do stupid things instead, like that sicko in Waaco, Texas back in the day, and this nut Elijah Mohamed or whatever his name was, people wont stop lying just yet… But they have to after they die, right… RIGHT???!!!
Think about that, someone might hate the truth cause it hurts and it goes against some of what they were raised up on, but that doesn’t hurt the truth at all, actually it just hurts them and those they love…
I’m telling you the truth whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, but I told you… now it’s on you. The proof is clear, bra- The Qur’aan is continually shown to be true upon evidence after evidence and the Hadeeths actually explain things as you watch them happen over the top of the book, like someone telling you what your watching.
Don’t get confused thinking that Muslims are this and that, we are nice, not twisted murderous organized crime members like the Taalibaan or Al Qaaida, we are normal people. Terrorists deserve to fail in their killing and corrupting the world, but their are a-lot of groups of terrorists out there, not just ones who happen to be claiming Islaam as their Religion. You got Israel doing about whatever they want claiming things that make them look pretty, but don’t change the truth. You got Russia attacking their neighbors like they think their supposed to. The US is all over the place like imperialistic Britain back in the day, like what’s mine is mine and what’s your’s is mine. All this activity, all this fun for hired thugs with good guns and bad hearts… But that did’nt keep my neighbor from the same generation as me from dying while trying to kill people for military pay in a twisted government corrupted economy, trying to help their families and their own selves while carrying on overzealous crusades killing a mix of people, good and bad, terrorists and other people, OTHER PEOPLE… Real death man… Kids, (not just the ones that were tortured in Taalibaan orphanages until they became anti-US killing machines), mostly innocent kids… Elderly… Women (I become very angry regarding some issues of what some servicemen did while off-duty).

Muslims are not perfect, some of us are better than others, but we are thinking people who have made the decision to believe the proofs from the Revelation.
We are not blind followers of some random man talking about fantasy garbage or philosophical generalities. We take our Religion like it should be, from the Book, not from the man behind the curtain, it’s got to be on PROOF!

Look, you’re going to do what you are going to do. Allaah has stated clearly in His Final Revelation to mankind:
“Laa ikraaha Fiyd-Deeni, Qad-Tabayyinar-Rushdu Minal Ghayyi, Fa Man-Yakfur BiTaaghooti Wa Yu-Min-Billaahi Fa Qadistamsaka Bil ‘Urwatil Wuthqaa, La-NfiSawma La Haa, Wallaahus Samee’un ‘Aleem”
Basically translated:
“There is no forcing in Religion, Truly the right way has been made distinct from the way of error, so whoever disbelieves in worshipping any false object of worship, and totally believes in Allaah, then truly they have grasped a trustworthy handhold that will never break, and Allaah is the All Hearing the All Knowing.”
Theres alot of information each individual needs to a make correct decision based on knowledge instead of popular doctrines or some other following, this is just a touch from alot of knowledge available.
Look at or or (for free mp3 audio re3cordings with translation from some of the actual representatives of Islaam).
I’m just a common Muslim telling you all the truth, it’s up to you to obey Allaah individually. Don’t be Satan’s sheep, think about this for real.
Any mistake in theis is from my own flawed self, the good is from Allaah (that’s not saying its Revelations, their done, permanently, I saying that the benefit that we get even in learning something is from the One and Only God, Allaah).
Be good.
Abdul Qudduus Mow – Eastern Shore of Maryland

sgt fear, usmc

this mutt has way too much time on his hands hope someone is watching him . just takes one bad towel day an he starts loading his truck, get a life, or get a wife, but u need not too be such a tight ass,,,,, or is that your thing?

Abdul Qudduus

Yeah right, how hard is it to get paid to kill people with the highest quality highest tech weapons and targeting systems in the world. You’re proud of robots killing peasants. The terrorists are mislead followers of politically motivated mass murderers and kamikaze tacticians who don’t have the wisdom to obey Allaah according to His Commands, so they put their own oppinions into law and harm that which they claim to defend and help thereby.
Don’t get Muslims and terrorists confused, we (Muslims) are forbidden to attack non-combatants, elderly, women (unless their firing on us-very unfortunate), children (unless their firing on us-very unfortunate), animals, even plants, no-one period are we allowed to kill unless under orders from the real Muslim leaders in Saudi and according to strict and righteous standards like defending ones home from attackers. I’m a US Citizen with relatives going back to Native Americans and John and Sam Adams, I’m no lover of attacks on civilians in this country or any other country for that matter, including Iraq and Afghanistan, or Bosnia, Yemen, China, or anywhere else.
Being an extremist is not restricted to terrorists.
Violence is necessary in the context of that which is legislated by Allaah as in the fighting of David against the Philistines, Muhammad with the Pagans, and not at all like Cain against Abel. Don’t be extreme and dont think your actions will go unanswered, the Lord is not heedless of every single thing.
For real, sir, I’m not an uneducated man, not in what you showed in the video, not in life’s themes and mankinds social situations, and not in the psychological perspectives of the people of this country. I hate the terrorist murderers too, but though I would have to fight them in some cases if I can stop their evil, likewise I would snap-to to stop a terrorist not from my same Religion, which is the only right Religion, and in fact I would far prefer to not have to hurt a Muslim.
Thing is, I would prefer no to hurt anyone, and that’s closer to sanity by far then this extremist attitude painted all over your site. Im not stopping you from being grateful to people like the men on the jet heading toward the white house or wherever it was headed to, they got up and changed that injustice with their hands. That was just and that is the same thing I think I’d do. Cowardly acts of violence against people just for being Muslim are not just and I hope they fail; in fact I would facilitate their failure as best I could if given the chance, Inshaa-Allaah (God-Willing). I would also yoke up a local who was trying to hurt an innocent person or rape someone, or some other sick thing.
Being a man is not about how much destruction you can smack someone with, being a man is about fulfilling your true responsibilities especially in terms of your responsibilities to your Lord, your family, and your community.
Self control in times of anger is strength, not knocking someone out for making you mad, or knocking out someone who just looks like the guy that made you mad.
Things are nuts in ‘Iraq, no doubt, but although some of the US tactics might have been good, others lead to many civilian and other unfortunate casualties. Blind pride in the US or any country is a cause for misguidance and loss. May Allaah change your heart and guide you, man. This life is not about kicks and giggles, trust me. There’s a reason why people say “Oh my God” before they die. Think about it.


More muzzie pandering. Isn’t it time to go proselytize at a site where your BS tripe would be widely accepted and embraced? Go try DailyKos or HuffingtonPost. They would be glad to hear your crap. Here, not so much.

desert vet 91

thats the best makes me want to come out of retirement GOD Bless HARCORE AMERICA


See 00:30 — Reminds me of a song, and I paraphrase: “Oh he flew through the air with the greatest of ease and he was nowhere near a flying trapeze”.

This is my new name

dude, i LOVED that part at 4:08

guys like “im gonna blow you up!”

then he gets shot up once, doesnt fall down, so BOOM! headshot!
damnit, i wish america was still hardcore, if were were all cheering this shit on, everyone would think we were insane, and the world would be in order.

10 bucks says we could scare the freaking RUSSIANS if we actually tried.

government making its people fear it is bad, government fearing its people is good, the world fearing those people is best. 😀

Abdul Qudduus

So you want to scare everyone, dude, right?
That’s like the way Osama wanted to scare everyone, right?
Order is necessary and hardcore is not smashing everything that moves.
Hardcore is more like being able to conquer but being under control to do that only in obedience to Allaah. Don’t be like the person you hate because you hate em so much.


allah sucks and so do you. What do you say to that, prick?

Abdul Qudduus

Your tongue is diseased, may it rot out of your poluted head along with your poluted brain, you sick follower of Satan.

sgt fear, usmc

abdul, i would truly like to interduse you to Allaah,,, you can have long chates with him and all the other asshole we are sending there. good luck with with that 40 virgines thing coz they all look like camels…. from uncle sams missguided childern…usmc

Abdul Qudduus

You want to threaten me through your computer?
You live near the Eastern Shore of Maryland, killer?


God Bless those men and women… awesome job they’re doing.


President Obama suffers from “ANALYSIS PARALYSIS” as American husbands, wives, sons & daughters die in Afghanistan. Leadership “you can believe in” ?