Fiscal lunatics on parade: 9% want to solve our problems by raising taxes

by editor on January 18, 2011

Nine percent want to raise taxes. Nice freakin’ percent. This is about as one-sided a poll as you’re ever going to see. More than nine percent believe in Sasquatch and UFOs, for god’s sake. Nine percent probably think Lindsay Lohan should be president.


Nine percent think we need to raise taxes. Our guess? Nine percent of the country is also insane.

CBS News has the bad news for big spenders:

A new CBS News poll finds that Americans strongly prefer cutting spending to raising taxes to reduce the federal deficit. While 77 percent prefer to cut spending, just nine percent call for raising taxes. Another nine percent want to do both.

Yet most Americans could not volunteer a program they’d be willing to see cut in order to reduce the deficit – only 38 percent could name a program they would support cutting. The top responses were military/defense (six percent), Social Security/Medicare (four percent) and welfare/food stamps (four percent).

How about starting with these simple steps: (1) Freeze spending. (2) Free hiring until the Federal workforce is 10% smaller via attrition. Maybe 20%. (3) Then require each department to cut its spending by 10% on top of that. (4) Then go in and start cutting specific programs. And (5) End baseline budgeting.

Crap. We’re pissed off now and don’t even have a punch line for this story.

Source: CBS News

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Is this the registered voter 9%, or is it the likely voter 9%, or is it the undecided 9%? I’m sure this makes a difference to someone.


To echo Strina:
“…Above all, EARMARKS! Buy-bye!”

Earmarks are the worst form of wasteful spending, as all they really are is legal bribes, pure and simple. See a condensed version of what our oh-so-smart Senator did:

That and outlaw lobbyists forever!
I am sick of K Street and all of the politicians/political hacks that leave their fat government jobs, only to go and work for some lobbyist group (foreign and domestic) making 2-3+ times more than they were and NOTHING changes in DC!
It’s the fox guarding the hen house…they have to protect K Street because they know that’s where all the money/vote buying is after they choose to leave or are fired/voted out/resign or a new administration comes in. I am sick to my stomach that big corporations and very wealthy individuals or worse, foreign countries, that have more influence in how our laws are enacted than the suckers footing the tax bill.


I say we go to a 11% flat tax and get rid of the IRS. Cut welfare down 75%; when they reformed welfare in the 90s, people actually became prosperous (they also became conservatives). Get rid of social security, dep of Ed, I’m military, but I see plenty of areas to cut spending w/o risking defense or security of the US. Above all EARMARKS! Buy-bye!


I dont like the idea of pretty much tithing to the government. 11% is too high the government doesn’t deserve that much of my money I would say 3-7% personal taxes is more than enough and that is for everybody regardless of how they make coupled with serious cutting and serious tax relief for businesses big and small it will be alright.


I agree… If it is not in the Constitution put it on the chopping list. If it is found that it is necessary due to our times then make it smaller, the rest if it found that we can live without it destroy it. Either absorb the employees into other areas or let them go and find jobs in the private sector.

Also these pensions disgusts me… I know that a lot of people are counting on those but I dont think it is right especially for the politicians.


This may sound totally insane, not to mention racist, homopobic, sexist, zenophobic, arachnophobic … no, wait … forget that last one …

But here’s a crazy idea. How about reading the constitution and if it’s not in there, it’s gone. Anything about the federal gov’t regulating energy? No? Dept of Energy is history. Under “bad experiments”.

Anything about the feds meddling in education? No? Buh-bye Dept of Ed!

I forget where in the constitution is that clause saying the federal gov’t is supposed to be in charge of health and human serices. And what the heck are “human services”? I can think of a few. You used to be able to get one of them by the Lincoln Tunnel until Giuliani “cleaned up” NYC. Where were the feds to protect THAT “human service”?

You get the picture.