You know you’re friggin’ crazy when even Dennis Kucinich knows you’re friggin’ crazy

by editor on January 18, 2011

This is rich. This is classic. Some nights – Thursday, for example – things just don’t go the way poor ol’ Ed Schultz thinks they’re going to go. In this clip, for example, Ed prefaces an interview with Dennis Kucinich with some of his typical outlandish bombast and pseudo-angry overstatement and assumes the radical Congresman will follow his lead.

Sorry, Ed. It didn’t work out that way.

Schultz: John Boehner has to deal with all of this tea party rhetoric in his caucus, and has no interest in trying to work with the President. Sarah Palin, and the Tan Man, and the rest of the Republicans have no interest in rising to the President’s challenge on tone and accepting the plea to change it all. They already have a post-Tucson mentality. They don’t care about stripping 32 million Americans from getting their healthcare. They don’t give a damn about kids with pre-existing conditions. And they want every American armed and dangerous. Pretty clear – this is all about putting Democrats on the defensive, and filling their campaign coffers for 2012.

That’s the way, Ed. You give those evil Republicans what for. You set the plate for the Congressman. You throw him a hanging curveball and he’ll pound it out of the park.

Schultz: … I will not belittle you at all by asking you what kind of firearm you’re going to carry on the House floor if that were to ever pass. So we’ll get on to the serious business of real tone.

Kucinich didn’t realize Ed was attempting to make a joke. He sat there as straight-faced as Washington on Mount Rushmore, Schultz’ attempted ha-ha going right over his head. So Ed plowed ahead although the hurt expression on his face told you he was a little pissy that his sophisticated wit had gone unappreciated.

Schultz: The President made a plea, not only to members of Congress but to the country, to change the tone. What effect do you think it will have in the wake of some of the developments in the stories we just put out tonight about the actions of some of the Republicans. Your take on all of this?

Kucinich: … You know, I love you and you’re one of the most passionate defenders of the people that’s in the media. But, you know, John Boehner is actually, I thought, set a very good tone. I mean, he really rose to the occasion in a way that I suppose is surprising people. I’ve known John a long time and I think he’s been very statesmanlike in the way that he’s responded to the tragedy in Arizona. Now you know, we have a debate coming up on healthcare and I don’t know that he’s going to be able to control everything his members will say, but I think he’s trying to understand that the atmosphere has changed dramatically and that the President set a tone that all of us have to pay attention to.

At this point Ed was obviously more than just a bit put off by Kucinich’s willingness to give Boehner the benefit of the doubt. Why, Ed wondered, won’t this bozo join me in frothing at the mouth?

Schultz: Do you know if he’s publicly called on members of his party and of his caucus to tone it down? Because I’ve missed that story Congressman.

Kuchinich: Well, you know what? John Boehner is not a person who is a flamethrower himself and it’s important to remember that, Ed, because he’s not someone who’s going to approve of anyone who is, you know, he’s going to push the Republican agenda I got that and I don’t agree with him, but he’s not going to approve of anything that will increase the intensity. of rhetoric. That’s really is something he has to reflect on and something our President has cautioned about.

Damn, we wish we could have been there at the next commercial break when Ed fell to the floor, quivering and biting his tongue.

H/T: JammieWearingFool

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I really don’t think the Networks pay the ‘big-bucks’ to these idiot journalist types for independent thinking–rather, I think they pay them to be able to read whatever horsesh*t is printed on their teleprompters with a straight face.


Fascinating how the libs worry about “tone” when they are out of power. But Shultzie? This dim-witted buffoon is nothing more than a parrot. I’ll bet he hasn’t had an independent thought on anything his entire life. This guy makes Chris Matthews look brilliant, and we all know what a stupid, irrelevant horses-ass Matthews is.

Elrond Hubbard
Elrond Hubbard

Once again Sargent Schultz is flummoxed by a politician who won’t play his bash the Republicans game. When even Dennis Kucinich realizes you’re an a**hole maybe it’s time to re-think your line of attack. Sadly, I think Schultz is probably too partisan and too dumb to do it.


Special Ed is confused because he does’nt stand for anything. He failed at conservative radio, so he hopped the fence to become the liberal Rush. I now have questions about Ed…

Does he believe what he preaches?
Is he in it just for the fame?
Is he in it for money?
Is he smart enough to understand politics on a national scale?
Does he understand that he has very limited appeal?
Does he eat his own sh!t?
Does he really care about anyone except for himself?
Does anyone he works with like the him?
Does he threaten his co-workers?

…& finally, since the ComCast takerover of NBC-U has been approved, I have one final question.

How long will Ed’s bosses put up with his sh!tty ratings, his embarassing rnats, & his explosive temper before they boot his ass out the door?


You are in the dumps if the freakiest member of Congress won’t agree with you.

Pittsburgh Z
Pittsburgh Z

It’s amazing when the guests, even a kook like Kucinich, does not agree with the narrative the LameStreamMedia is pushing….