A $230,000 Taxpayer-Funded ‘Green Jobs’ Website, but No Jobs Listed. “The Department of Energy has awarded a $230,000 contract to the Association of Energy Services Professionals to develop a website on energy efficiency jobs — but the agency has prohibited the listing of actual position openings.” Even The New York Times wrote, ”federal and state efforts to stimulate creation of green jobs have largely failed” and Obama’s goal of creating 5 million new green jobs within 10 years is a “pipe dream.” Green Job + Pipe Dream = Marijuana Farming! Added Bonus! >> Smithee’s Movie Tip: Idiocracy 2006

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Green Jobs website is empty because there are no such things as green jobs, unless you work at a golf course.


Wanted : We’re looking for that special someone , who knows FOR SURE that the Fairy Pool at Disney World is REAL. Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus , even after the world has long ago , tried to convince you otherwise?
This special someone will create a website for the ever growing green indudtry . Applicant must be able to believe , inspite of damming proof , that they are smarter , even if they never were , than the average job worker and tax payer . Applicant must also be able to memerize and repeat mantras and core doctrines even if they otherwise were never true or proven by non-believing sceptics to be otherwise.
Finally applicants must have the ability to live a lifestyle inconsistant with your belief system , because after all , you are of the linage and choosen above many others , to preach the gospel of Gaia . Applicant must realize that they are a fullfillment of the Bible verse ” Who change the truth into a lie , and worship and serve the the creature more than the creator , who is blessed for ever . Amen.

Are you the bot we are looking for ?


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The whole green energy thing is pure BS, that & it’s being done in the name of total scam. Green jobs really don’t exist, no matter what the “Mini”Van Jones claims.


A site as empty as its father’s suit.