After Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants. We say go for it. The elected officials who endorse sanctuary cities and sanctuary states have been flouting the law for too long. Great way to get rid of Jerry Brown and his buddies too. 5 years…snicker…snicker.

“Politicians don’t get to pick and choose what laws to comply with,” Rokita told Fox News. “Americans are dying because politicians sworn to uphold the law refuse to do so.”

 His “Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians (SLAP) Act” would hold state and local lawmakers criminally responsible for refusing to comply with federal immigration enforcement efforts. The Republican’s bill would subject violators to a $1 million fine and up to five years in prison if they are convicted.

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Public hanging would be a nice form of justice for liberals…


Is this an actual outbreak of Judicial sanity????