Regular chocolate milk back on school menus as Obama-era rules are eased. Oh no, without soy milk junior might grow up to be a man instead of a fat slob with moobs.

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The linked article doesn’t agree with its headline. They aren’t bringing back regular chocolate milk. They’re bringing back 1% chocolate milk… or 2%, I can’t remember which. The fact that they’re worried about the fat in the milk rather than the sugar proves how stupid government bureaucrats are. They’re running 2017 nutrition based on 1960 science. Top nutritionists are finally admitting it’s not the fat in your diet that kills you, it’s the carbohydrates and sugar that gets you. So taking the fat out of the milk, which kids need to feed their growing brains, and leaving the sugar in, is the exact opposite of what they should be doing.

When I look at my grandchildren I am constantly flabbergasted by their inactivity. And I have relatively active and lean-looking grandchildren. On Halloween everybody came to my condo so they could trick-or-treat in a nearby neighborhood where my niece lives. I assumed we would all walk there but to my surprise my daughters insisted we DRIVE the two blocks from my place to my niece’s. TWO FUCKING BLOCKS. So the kids wouldn’t be tired when they started gathering their candy I guess. A few months ago, when I was still recuperating from surgery, I pushed my father over there in a wheelchair and I’M IN MY SIXTIES. It’s not just that kids are doing less physically, it’s that parents have lowered their expectations of what they can do, so they’re getting coddled. It’s scary to think of what today’s kids will be like when they’re my age.


Totally agree!!


As I was out on one of my frequent bicycle rides, I noticed some kids getting off of the bus from the local elementary school. Curious as to exactly how far they had ridden on the bus, I checked it on Google Earth when I got home. Three tenths of a mile. They’re BUSING kids three tenths of a mile! No major roads to cross, not a scary neighborhood, none of that.

That’s not just a huge waste of money, but bad for the kids too.


Go to any elementary school in the morning or afternoon. You won’t believe it. The parents are lined up in their cars to drop off or pick up their kids. God forbid the little darlings walk two inches to get home. In my suburban area, there’s so many school buses in the afternoon it looks like the invasion of Normandy.