Classy to the end: Air America auctions off private email list

by editor on April 5, 2010

Let’s see, Air America broadcast the most toxic programming in the history of radio. They stole money from a children’s charity. They stiffed their own employees for wages and benefits. And then they went bankrupt. Twice.

Well, they’re out of business now, so there’s nothing more Air America can possibly do to hurt anyone.

Not so fast.

Turns out the bankruptcy administrator is now selling off Air America’s “not be divulged to any third party” newsletter list and calling it “intellectual property.”

Here, from David R. Malt & Co.’s 435-item listing for the Air America bankruptcy auction, is the relevant portion highlighted in yellow.


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From what I understand a BK Trustee can pretty much do what they want to recoup money for investors and creditors. I doubt Air America has any say whatsoever.


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I sort of miss listening to Air America, which I used to do sometimes on XM Satellite radio. Some of the most insane & angry stuff I have ever heard.


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Oh great. I’m on that list. Sort of a “know your enemy” thing. My mind boggles at the thought of who will be sending me spam.

Casey Newsradio 840 KXNT Las Vegas

This is actually illegal. It violates FACTA laws, and anyone on this list is now legally allowed to sue the hell out of them … not that they’d ever collect.


If it was financed and backed up by George Soros and people like him, they may collect.


I wonder if at least some of the liberal people who are part of the list will reconsider their position if they find out about this which I kind of doubt actually.

matthew s harrison

A privacy statement on a left-wing website is like a promise of abstinence from a porn star. They sell anything/everything, whether in or out of bankruptcy. Look at all the sales of favors, votes, souls in DC by these reprobates. While we conservatives feel it our duty to be honor bound by our promises-the left sees that type of thing to be only binding where convenient.


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