Alec “Tax the Rich” Baldwin investigated for tax evasion

by editor on January 27, 2011

Will the real Alec Baldwin please stand up?

Is he the “Father of the Year” who called his twelve year old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig” for having the audacity to not be waiting by the phone when he took a valuable minute out of his uber-important time to call her?

Is he the closet-Muslim who fantasized about killing Republican Congressman Henry Hyde and his family by the traditional Sharia method of stoning?

This week the New York Daily News gave us an insight to the real Alec Baldwin when it broke the story that he’s on the list of elite New Yorker City dwellers targeted by a small army of city auditors in a tax evasion scam for claiming out-of-city properties as primary residences.

Baldwin’s Manhattan residency comes as a complete surprise to We thought he was living in Paris. We would have sworn he swore he’d move to France if W. got elected to a second term.

The IRS investigation comes one week after Baldwin appeared on Client #9’s show on CNN (at the one minute mark of the video below) and lectured Obama for extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires. Baldwin boldly states “Over a million – you HAVE to pay more.”

Seems that at the heart of it, Baldwin’s just a typical liberal – he wants the rest of us to pay higher taxes, but as to his own money, he’s singing Pink Floyd – “Keep your hands off my stack.”

Baldwin also told Spitzer that hypocrisy defines the GOP. We suggest that if Mr. Baldwin truly seeks the definition of hypocrisy all he need do is look in the mirror. We’re sure his house has plenty of them.

– Written by Sonny Palermo

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Sonny Palermo

Thanks for the comments . . .


Is this a trailer for the new Dumb and Dumber movie?


Alec is more than qualified to be a Marxist Democrat. The Marxist movement is tailor made for psychotic bastards like him. They delude themselves into actually believing they are helping humanity while stuffing their pockets with plundered wealth. What disgusting maggots.


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Jim Stewart

Imagine the tax burden if Baldwin had to pay an a-hole tax?


That would be at about an 80% rate for a guy like Baldwin.


Doh!!! Did that mean I had to pay higher taxes too? I’m Alec Baldwin, I’m special. The tax laws don’t apply to me because I’m a misogamistic misogynist, egocentric narcissist, daughter hating, progressive libtard actor who knows everything about everything. Hell, I know more than God, if there were a God.
Why is the State Department taking so long with MY F***ING PASSPORT? I should be at the top of their list, f***ing incompetent government employee idiots!


Yet another liberal hypocrite. There is something about that man the older he gets the crazier he gets…


Its called alzheimer’s and lying his ass off.


Looks to me like Alex might need to get that passport ready to use. Lying bastard, now he gets to face the tax man. Just hope the tax man doesnt take it all. For I am the tax man.


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Mountain biker 21

That’s why the liberals don’t mind paying higher taxes, they don’t pay them.


My thoughts on the subject….
1. As noted, Alec should have moved when GW Bush was elected like he threatened too.
2. This should immediately qualify him for some high position in the Obama Administration. Perhaps as Turbo Tax Geitner’s assistant?
3. I wonder how Wesley Snipes will like having a chubby white boy for a cell mate? Will he make Alec squeal like a pig?


“I wonder how Wesley Snipes will like having a chubby white boy for a cell mate? Will he make Alec squeal like a pig?”

Probably more like a rude, thoughtless little pig.