American Pravda, NYT: Slanting the News and a Bizarre Comey Connection. As far as politics go you can’t trust the mainstream media. It’s rigged.

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It’s the same old story. Democrat corruption, MSM cover-ups, the American public gets conned, it all gets swept under the rug. Rinse, repeat.

Not so silent

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Par for the course.


We are very good at getting evidence and exposing it, but how is this going to help? The years and decades keep moving along and we still have nothing at the end of the fishing line, nothing hooked, nothing reeled in.
These lower-to-middling types planted throughout the system are expendable, even when they are suspended or fired. It’s nothing to those who are positioning themselves in the control seat. These are merely the well-paid lieutenants of the system, rooting the peons on, re-wiring the opinions of the readership and encouraging the masses to be disruptive. They are just one arm of a mighty octopus.

Joe Redfield

Nice to have evidence of what we’ve long known to be true.